14 February 2007

One skein oh-need-er*

Sleeve One is complete up to the joining, and just in time. That's the end of the first skein there on the right. After transferring to stitch holders last night, I washed and blocked. Well, tugged a little, but no pins. If I pin the lace out now, I'll have to repeat every time the sweater needs a bath. I hope to be happy with a basic wash and stretch on a towel. We'll see in a bit, as we all know blocked sweaters never dry! I have to wind up the next skein to start the body, which means I have to figure out what I'm doing there.

Hey, it's dry (enough)! What do you think?

Only a teensy bit of bleeding into the wash water. This yarn is just great.

*Name that movie!

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  1. OOHHH I love what you did with the sleeves, but I am confused... You washed the sleeves before adding them to the body? Why is that? Enlighten me, then we will have to have the exact recipe...
    Ohlala, I hadn't see that yarn done up for grown-up gals.


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