09 February 2007

Hourglass Ideas

Now I'm thinking lace is my best option. Lace edges, particularly on the cuffs, would really take advantage of the belled sleeves. But what lace? I have a few ideas, so I just have to start swatching, I guess.

Um, I just tried taking pictures of the first five rows of a sleeve so you could see the mini cable idea I was trying out, but the old camera (which can safely travel in my knitting bag, as opposed to the new, very fahncy, digital SLR) was pretty useless that close up. And the flash blew out any detail, while the non-flash version of the shot had far too long an exposure time to be steady. I'll get pictures sorted out for this ol' blog someday.

So, lace, yes. Now I need something that will work in the round over 60 stitches for the sleeves. There could be a few odd stitches left at the underside, I suppose.

I'm starting to think that I might just do a provisional cast-on and figure out the edgings later. But that's not nearly as much fun!


  1. Ah, but NOW you have the Vogue stitchionary book, yes? I have the knitting on the edges book if you want to borrow...

  2. I am so pleased to have found your blog! It is interesting to hear what has been going on. I finally got my act together to touch base with everyone at Yarns in the Farms and found you through their site. I am not sure if you remember me but it is Tanya from Knit night, the Tanya that went to New Zealand. I will be interested to see what you are going to do with the Hourglass Sweater. It is the pattern that I am deciding on to make at the moment. I was going to drop the hems also (like I need a little extra bulk around the old hips) and was thinking maybe a rolled hem. I also don't like the neck as I remember it being a little wide when I tried it on in the store and I am worried it may stretch out and be droopy. I may keep it but just knit it up a little further. I also have to rework the whole gauge as I wish to use Green Mountain Mountain Mohair and I don't like the look of the swatch at the gauge recommended but that is just a little math. So here is today's question - when is the sweater in the pattern no longer the sweater in the pattern?

  3. Dear Hour Glass Ladies - Not positive, but I believe with your alterations to the original pattern you certainly have your own sweater/pattern! I think I heard somewhere 10% change makes a new pattern??? Who out there does know the answer to this question?

    I am looking forward to seeing the sweaters! Knit on.



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