08 February 2007

New sweater!

Last night I swatched for a new Hourglass Sweater with some Blue Sky Alpacas Alpaca Silk in Blue. I started out with US8s (Bryspuns, natch) and quickly decided that they would make for a slightly too revealing fabric. Next swatch was with US6s, and I think we're good to go, since I got very close to the gauge called for. Which is kind of wacky, considering BSA calls this a sport weight yarn, and Last-Minute Knitted Gifts calls for a worsted with 19st/28r over 4". Whatever.

Now, I'm trying to decide whether to incorporate any decorative stitches into the mix, perhaps a baby cable somewhere (running up the top-of-the-sleeve line and as princess seams on the front and back?).

I don't want to do the turned hems again, since they just don't float my boat. There's a sample Hourglass at Yarns in the Farms with seed stitch borders, so that's a possibility. Or I could just barrel along with straight stockinette and go for the rolled edges look. 'Nother idea is to do some lacey something at the hem and sleeve edges like the silk tank from LMKG.

This yarn is so yummy! The gleam of the silk is divine.


  1. I love the idea of a lacy stitch on the bell shaped sleeves! Think about using a different fiber...GGH mohair, Silk Haze (your favorite) or some beaded silk from Lilli Thomas????? However, the BSA silk is glorious just by itself.

    Have fun dreaming of your creation!

    Slip Slip

  2. Oh yes, I think just a small little something in a lace stitch on the edes would be fab... Maybe even a little picot on the neck, too? You are really going to push that pattern to new heights. Hey, Gotta go write my blog, baby.

  3. Oh dear, I think I lost my comment...
    YES I love the idea of lace on hems, and maybe a picot edging on the neckline. Then that old warhorse of a sweater will be yours, all yours. Well, plus the fact that there is YOUR figure inside of it when you wear it...


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