02 February 2007


I got him! A day and a half looping around the woods back to where he'd been spotted finally paid off! He's home, laying next to me on the couch, and we'll take him to the vet later this afternoon. He is subdued, and was very scared, but with no other dogs around to scare him off, he finally recognized "Mommy" and came to me. Thank you for your wishes/prayers/thoughts/positive energy. Love, Kathleen, Peter, Isobel, Riley (who's not sure it's such a good thing the dog is back, but he'll get over it), and Spenser


  1. YES!!! This is great news for a Friday afternoon! Give him an extra pat from me, and have a good weekend.

    P.S. to Riley: Of course you're glad he's back - now you can arrange for him to be blamed for everything that you do that's wrong ...

  2. I am so happy that he is back! I can only imagine what his time out in the woods was like.
    I'll bet he is eating like a horse.

  3. Hurray!! I am so happy and relieved for you all. Spencer is a brave pup! He must have been pretty scared and cold! Now he is home....safe & sound.

    Not sure if you received this twice?????

  4. New lurker here. No idea how I found your blog - obviously linked from some other knitting blog. I tend to read blogs located in places I love. Gloucester is one of my favorite places. Anyway, I'm so happy you found your dog! It must be such a relief to have him back.

  5. What great news! I had faith in the little beastie! They usually realize their people are lost without them after a few sunrises and sunsets....


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