29 November 2010

Wish List, Winter 2010

Sorry for being offline for so long, but I've been busy knitting stuff for the kids' school craft fair, throwing Isobel's birthday party, traveling to Chicago for Thanksgiving, and the usual parenting duties. I'm hoping to get back to the Twitter sweater, but it's definitely not happening for the Marvelous Mohair competition, which kind of takes a load off my back.

It's that time of year again, time to answer all those people wanting to shower you with gifts. Hehe. But, seriously, I always have fun thinking about the lovely things that are out in the world. Here are a few I'm hoping for...
  • Knitpicks Options Zephyr set [link]
  • madeline tosh yarn (ANY kind, ANY color, ANY amount!) or the Magnolia Society yarn club (hopefully sign-ups for the next go-round will open soon - which color family? how to choose?! probably jewels, but they are all gorgeous) or a gift certificate to an LYS (Loopy Yarns in Chicago, Three Bags Full in Northbrook, Knitty City in Manhattan, and Purl Diva in Brunswick all carry tosh yarns - hint hint) [link]
  • Cloak Bag for my DSLR, which will encourage me to take it out more (I hope) [link]
  • Anthology: Living with Substance & Style - a new PRINT magazine! There are so few good ones left (I still miss you, Domino and Blueprint!), that I'd love to support this new one [link]
  • Some Spun-Outs, especially SO5 Bohus Yoke Sweater; SO7 Sweaters, Neck-down; SO49 Saddle-Shoulder Aran Sweater; and SO29 Bavarian Jacket [link]
  • Ork Posters (screen prints for preference), especially Manhattan on orange butcher paper, Boston Blue [link]
  • Jo Malone cologne set or 154 [link or link]
  • lots of stuff on my Amazon Wish List [link]
  • and, of course, my Etsy Favorites List - crafters of the world, unite! [link]