23 September 2014

Sad news

This is strange to write, but it is part of my life and so are you, dear reader.

My ex-husband passed away unexpectedly ten days ago. I am sad that he is gone yet relieved that I don't have to worry about him now. We are all coping as best we can. There will be a memorial service down the line.

I'm not sure how much I will be on the blog for a while, but I will keep knitting (and designing - I can't help it), and there are some upcoming publication designs, as well as things I need to convert from samples and notes and charts to patterns for you.

Sorry for the weird post, but thanks for stopping by. Happy knitting!
xoxo, Kathleen

11 September 2014

New pattern: Thistle Leaf Shawl

I've got a new one for you! Thistle Leaf Shawl is now available on Ravelry for your knitting pleasure.

Thistle Leaf Shawl by Kathleen Dames

One skein of fingering weight yarn (approx. 400yds) - I used Julie Asselin's lovely Milis in the Confiture colorway - will give you this lovely small shawl with a deep Thistle Leaf edging. Worked in one piece from the neck down with a simple bindoff that highlights the scallop-y beauty of the thistle leaves. As you can see, I often wear mine "bandit style" around my neck to keep me warm and bring a pop of color to whatever I'm wearing.

The pattern is in my new layout. What do you think? The cover has the lovely photos, the second page has all the information you'll need to get ready (specs, notes, abbreviations), and the pattern itself (charted and written) is on the third page. So, if you want to save ink/paper, page three is the one to print.

And, since I have my patterns printed for distribution (ask your LYS to contact me), there is a fourth page with a catalog of my other designs. You don't need to print that one, either, but you might find another pattern you like :)

Now that my summer travels have come to an end (sob), I'm over the flu thing that had me in bed with a fever for two days (can't remember the last time I was that sick), and the kids are back in school (finally), I plan to write up a bunch of patterns for you. Stay tuned :)

Thanks for stopping by, and happy knitting!
xoxo, Kathleen