The Sweater with Kathleen Dames

Over the course of 12 weekly episodes, we will knit the Basic Cable pullover together. On the podcast (available in both video and audio formats via the links below) I share knitterly tips and tricks to improve your sweater (really, any kind of) knitting. 12 episodes cover all aspects of knitting my Basic Cable from choosing yarn to weaving in ends and everything in-between.

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Happy knitting!

P.S. Questions? Concerns? Just excited about your project? Post in the thread on my Ravelry group. Use the hashtags #kdsweater and #basiccable and/or tag me @kathleendames on Twitter or Instagram.

The Sweater | Season Three

  1. the pattern on YouTube 10/21/16 [Ravelry thread]
  2. the yarn on YouTube 10/28/16 [Ravelry thread]
  3. the swatch on YouTube 11/4/16 [Ravelry thread]
  4. the choices on YouTube 11/11/16 [Ravelry thread]
  5. LIVE SHOW on YouTube 11/18/16 [Ravelry thread]
  6. the cable on YouTube 11/25/16 [Ravelry thread]
  7. the body on YouTube 12/2/16 [Ravelry thread]
  8. the split/join on YouTube 12/9/16 [Ravelry thread]
  9. the yoke on YouTube 12/16/16 [Ravelry thread]
  10. the finish on YouTube 12/23/16 [Ravelry thread]
  11. the block on YouTube 12/30/16 [Ravelry thread]
  12. the sweater on YouTube 1/6/17 [Ravelry thread]

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