03 January 2007

Alpaca Dreams

This Reynolds Alpaca Regal is so yummy I want to knit it up right now. Except that it's supposed to be 60 degrees by the weekend. In January. What's a knitter to do?!? Finish her other projects, of course.

But in dream land I'm searching for patterns/inspiration. I found an article on Interweave Knits's website about alpaca. Things to know:
-it's very warm, so open patterns are best if you plan to wear it inside
-it's heavy, socables will probably topple you
-it isn't very elastic and it stretches, so knit in pieces and/or sideways

Since I only have nine skeins, I wasn't planning on cables anyway. I did find the Eiffel sweater on Knitty - very cute. I'm not mad for hemp, and I think my gauge is close, so I may try swatching up the lace rib to see what happens. I know the alpaca is very different from hemp, but it's worth a shot. I like the shape and idea of the pattern. Only problem is the one-piece nature. And it's very vertical. I should probably save that for another yarn.

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