03 March 2015

Back-issue patterns available on Interweave (plus 30% off)!

Have you been waiting for some of my recent patterns to be available as individual downloads? All designs I have published with Interweave are available in the online store. And in honor of National Craft Month (did you know that was a thing?), you can get these patterns for 30% off at Interweave using with the code LUV2CRAFT.

Save 30% at Interweave Store with Offer Code LUV2CRAFT

Quadrille Pullover - flattering and feminine, I might need a cable/bobble fix this Spring (KAL, anyone?

Ozark Wrap - fun to knit and seriously cozy to wear (love mine during NYC's deep freeze) 

Kellynch Cardigan - another flattering sweater, this time with romantic lace detail and integrated buttonbands (this is my other candidate for a KAL - let me know if you would like to join me

Strawberry-Picking Shrug - a perfect, small project to master working lace on both sides 

Back issue patterns include:

Fine print: These are Interweave's reprints of my patterns as they appeared in various magazines, not kathleen dames | knitwear design editions. They will not show up in your Ravelry library, since they have not yet been published on Ravelry. You will receive a PDF direct from Interweave. I receive a small royalty payment for each pattern sold by Interweave, as well as an affiliate micropayment if you use the links in this email. I do plan to publish my own editions of these patterns on Ravelry once Interweave's 1-year exclusivity period is complete and when there is room in my publishing calendar. I will always provide support and love for you when knitting from any version of my patterns.

Until next time: Happy knitting!


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    1. Thanks, Evelyn! I'm so glad these patterns are up on Interweave now :) I've had quite a few people asking for some of them, but I can't publish them for a while yet, so this helps.


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