27 February 2015

quick + purly: 5 cardigans

A new feature for you, my friends: quick + purly posts.

Once a week I will share five patterns that have caught my eye. If there is a category you'd like me to explore for you, let me know.

This week, since we still have ... more winter to go, I found some lovely aran-weight cardigans for women. Cozy, quick-to-knit, with special details, and (the way this winter is going) wearable for a bit longer. 
  1. Sweet Oak Hooded Cardigan by Megan Goodacre $5CAD
  2. Winter Weeds Cardigan by Katya Gorbacheva $7USD 
  3. Long Way Home by Julia Trice $7USD 
  4. alpengl├╝hen by Isabell Kraemer 5.30EUR 
  5. Carillon Cardigan by Allison L $6.50AUD 

And just to toot my own tiny horn, since it showed up on page 3/6 of my search:
Sailor's Valentine by Kathleen Dames $7USD

All images from the patterns' Ravelry pages. No copyright infringement intended - just want to spread the love!

Thanks for stopping by, and happy knitting!
xoxo, Kathleen


  1. I could happily knit all of these - great picks!

    1. Thanks, Anne! If I had any time, I would knit all of these, too :)

  2. Hey, what a nice list! Thanks for the shout out, Sweet Oak is one of my personal favourites!

    1. My pleasure, Megan :) It's a lovely design and perfectly fit my search (a quick knit that could be worn in transitional weather)


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