19 March 2007


Deep smit. Why would anyone knit with yarn other than Malabrigo? Lime was right when she said that it cures eczema. It is the wonder yarn. Soooo soft. And the Little Lovely colorway is just beautiful. I scored a skein at Windsor Button Friday as the snow storm got underway and turned it into some garter gloves, since my Sheep 1 pair were lost in the dog recovery adventures at the end of January. Can you believe I've been wearing store-bought gloves for the past six weeks?!? Crazy.

Anyway, I whipped up those gloves this weekend and started a matching cowl/collar thingy with the leftovers last night. I have Purl scarf in this yarn from last winter, but it hasn't aged well, so I need something else. If I have any leftover leftovers, I think I may knit a flower to put on my Blizzard hat.

Of course the only problem with softly-spun, single-ply Malabrigo is that it pills like no one's beeswax. But pulling pills gives you something to do when you can't knit!

I also finished up the little Lala Scarf from Greetings from Knit Cafe. Only problem is I, apparently, am the world's tightest crocheter. The shawlette is supposed to end up approximately 14 x 33", but, after I crocheted along the top edge, it was more like 14 x 14". So, yes, I frogged mohair last night. Ugh. I have two choices (well, three - the third to be to just leave it as is): Redo the crochet edge but try to do so loosely (I had even gone up a hook size, since it was all I had on-hand) or pick up/knit/bind off the edge. Thoughts?

N.B. While the pattern for the Lala Scarf calls for three skeins of yarn, I barely put a dent in any of them. Which means leftover KSH! Yippeee! Oh, that picot bindoff is sort of a pain but ends up just so pretty. Worth it.


  1. god bless you for the mohair frogging...

  2. Mmmmm. Malabrigo! One of my favorite yarns!
    I have not seen the lala scarf! I hope to!
    Enjoy your mitts.


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