29 March 2007

I Heart Knit Night

I'm sure I've mentioned how wonderful and amazing my Wednesday night knitting group at Yarns in the Farms is, but I must do so again. Wonderful. Amazing. I love these women. I have always appreciated their mad skills, their cameraderie, their kindness and laughter, but last night I got to appreciate their love and support and well wishes. Thank you, ladies, from the bottom of my heart. Your friendship means so much to me, and I hope that the next time I'm in the area it will be on a Wednesday night.

So, we made it to Chicago without incident today, except for many tears on my part. Isobel was a champ on the airplane (she even let me knit a few rows on the Mermaid Sweater, while she watched some Miffy, which is one of the lovelier toddler shows out there, if you're in the market), and loooooved Jill's Popsicle Pony. Thanks, Jill, that one's going into heavy rotation, I can tell! Then my parents met us at O'Hare with open arms.

I've already discovered that La Harlot is coming to town shortly, so I plan to drag my best friend to meet her on 3 April. Yikes! That's coming up. Thank goodness I taught my BFF to knit last summer. She may still be in the hat and scarf stage (what is that, like, larval?), but she remembered that I'd mentioned the Harlot one time, and she's up for anything for me.

I hope to find some good yarn shops here and a knitting group ASAP. No one can take the place of my Knit Night dear ones, but, as we know, knitters everywhere are good people, so I should be able to find someone who understands how insane it is to have a yen for lace shawls when you live with a toddler. Many thanks, Suzanne, for the old shale pattern. I brought the yarn in my carry-on and will let you know when I cast on.

I hope to be better at pictures but I won't make any promises today. I'll keep you posted. Love you!


  1. I'm glad you made it safe and sound! I hear there are quite a few nice yarn places in Chicago, so you will likely find a whole new world of knitting buddies there. I just wish I'd been a knitter when I lived there - it's a great place to have wool clothes!

    Take care, and keep us posted.

  2. Well, you about made me cry. =)
    I am glad you arrived safe and sound. The happy will come.
    Take good care of yourself and dear Isobel!

  3. Oh, I am so happy to see you are safe and sound! I was with you in spirit ALL DAY. Last night was so lovely, and I hold it in my heart.
    xxxxoooo tink

  4. Oh! Purly! Remember when you said that it would be your dream to open a yarn store in Gloucester? Why not do that now, in Chicago or threabouts? That would be perfect, and we could all make a pilgrimage! I am serious, and you would meet alll the great people and you could have a shop doggie and Isobel would be able to come to work with you! And you would have all the coolest yarns and you would be so great at it! You are so amazing.

  5. so cool to hear from you from "West of Wooster"...

    I just have one burning question:
    exactly how did you get ALL your hugemungous STASH to Chicago-by cargo carrier, I'd quess!!

  6. Hi Darling Goddess of the mid-west. We miss you!

  7. Oh my, I go away for a week and the world changes! I miss you and Isobel already. I guess I will need to plan a trip to Chicago (one of my favorite cities) with Tink! She always loves a holiday.

    Love you Purly. Please keep knitting and writing!

  8. Anytime you are in the area will be a Knit Night at Yarns In The Farms, no matter what day of the week! Just call us.

    Love & Kisses to you and Isobel


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