13 March 2007

One-skein Shrug Wonder

With a little tinking I ended up doing the Reading-in-bed Shrug in one skein of Brushed Suri. I ended up with about 8" left over. Eep! Oh, and two rows less of ribbing on one armhole. But with this fluffy yarn, you can't tell. What a great little shrug! Just the right amount of cosy.

So, now I have this other skein of Brushed Suri. Options are to swap it for another shade and make another one of these for myself. Or as a gift. Or exchange it for something else. Or ... ? Well, maybe just pet it. But that yarn is even better knit up.

I don't think YITF has the Earl Grey color in stock, which looks very pretty. Whipped Cream would be yummy, as would Toasted Marshmallow or Lollipop. I'm getting hungry.


  1. thank you for your comment on my doll shawl! Emily loves her dolls, she also has Marisol the Latino doll - I think she was a one time thing - who has a lovely handknit sweater and hat. :o) Having girls is the best.

    Be careful getting into lace - it's highly addictive! I think I made 5 shawls last year. Now that I've been sucked into spinning, there's no hope for me now.

  2. Hi Kathleen! I can say wonderful things about that shrug since I have actually fondled it in person!
    It was great meeting you tonight! Thank you for being so welcoming!
    Hope to see you next week!


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