10 June 2015

Summer Schedule

Dear ones,

Today marks the first day of my kids' school vacation and the beginning of a busy summer*, which is mostly "yay!" with a little bit of "eep!" thrown in for good measure. In order to stay sane, I am altering my blog schedule somewhat:

  • quick + purly posts will come out on the first and third Friday of the month, so you can find some lovely new-to-you patterns to queue
  • technique posts, FO-tastics, and other knit-related items I want to share with you will come out on Tuesdays, as well as the non-quick + purly Fridays
  • my backlist re-release extravaganza will happen all summer long - not only will the patterns all be in the same, lovely layout, but I'll be able to share pattern highlights with you along the way (more on that this Friday)
Not publishing quick + purly posts weekly is the biggest change, but it should free up time for me to do more pattern writing. Hopefully, this will be the best of both worlds: seeking out new-to-me designs and designers to share with you plus publishing more of my new designs, all while spending time with the kids and doing a fair bit of traveling (follow me on Instagram to keep up with all of that - my trusty iPhone and I are looking forward to sharing all the beauty we can find this Summer*).

If there are quick + purly categories you would like me to explore, let me know in the comments. As a, mostly, adult garment and accessory designer, I tend to go there first, but I love a good baby knit as much as the next person.

*Any travel advice for Athens and Santorini, midcoast Maine, or Berlin is welcome. Sunscreen recommendations (we are a pale group), favorite LYSes, can't-miss restaurants, magical book stores (new and used), jetlagged-kids suggestions, special beaches and parks, etc.

As always, thanks for stopping by, and happy knitting!

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