05 June 2015

quick + purly: 5 neckties

For those of you in the US, Father's Day is coming up on 21 June, and what better knitted gift for the father in your life than a hand-knit tie. That being said, I must warn you that I am super-snooty about knitted tie patterns: just flat, tiny scarves do NOT count for me. A knitted tie should be fully-fashioned, either worked in the round or worked flat then sewn to create a tube that has the proper heft to be a tie. That being said, I found five ties plus my Dennis that you should check out.

  1. The Jeremy Tie by Amelia Lyon $4.50 CAD 
    a great way to use self-striping yarn or your yummy leftovers
  2. July Tie by Pam Allen $5 USD 
    super-simple and very handsome
    (sample AND model)
  3. Silk City by Alasdair Post-Quinn $6 USD 
    one of two very cool tie designs Alasdair
    published in Extreme Double Knitting
  4. Men's Tie by Sarah Cooke £3 GBP 
    understated elegance on the bias
  5. Hogwarts House Tie by Sarah Jo Burch $2 USD 
    clever use of stitches to create lots of interest
And one from me! Dennis by Kathleen Dames $7 USD
an interesting stitch pattern and lots of smart details

All photos from pattern Ravelry pages - no copyright infringement intended. I just want to share the love!

Have you ever knit a tie? What do you think is important in a tie pattern? Let me know in the comments.

Thanks for stopping by, and happy knitting!

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