13 April 2015

Meet me in the Forum

Are you on Ravelry? My RavID is Purly - go ahead and "friend" me. (Do you ever marvel over the effect the internet has had on the English language? "Email" and "friend" are verbs, "like" is a noun...)

I have a forum over there, too, which is a great place to chat. Come say "hello", meet other knitters, and have fun. Some of us are knitting-along on the Kellynch Cardigan, and test-knits are wrapping up for some patterns I'm very excited to share with you later this month.

Now that two weeks of Spring Break plus having Good Friday off is behind me (I love my kids, but it is hard to focus on knitting work when they are home), I could use some interaction with other adults. Come tell me what you're working on or share a yarn you've fallen for (I'm always looking for new yarns to work with).

Happy knitting!

P.S. With all the friend-ing and like-ing, don't forget to sign up for my newsletter. I share exciting announcements with you there first.

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