11 February 2013

New York

So, I have to be honest. Even after five years here, New York doesn't really feel like home. I think part of it is that it's difficult for me to dive into that go-getting pace with young children to care for. And not working outside the home doesn't help. I tend to homebody-ness so that I can be available when needed, filling my time with knitting and designing, which I live, as well as all the home making stuff that I like to have done but don't, you know, enjoy doing.

All this means that I don't get out to enjoy /experience the city enough to really feel comfortable. Or a part of. Today I had to go down to the Court House to postpone jury duty, since it became clear that I couldn't do it and take care of all the people who needed my care. Oftentimes, Nick can help out, but his teaching schedule this year and duties as chair preclude him from doing so thus time. Luckily, the jury room lady quickly postponed me to June.

But what really inspired this post was the courthouse itself (I didn't take any photographs in there because I didn't want to spend time explaining myself to security - maybe when i go for jury duty) and the surrounding buildings. The ones that stand out were all built about 100 years ago, and they are lovely and beautifully decorated. There is even an old firehouse nearby that looks like something out of a fairy tale.

Noticing the details really inspired a new fondness for New York. There is charm here and lovely little "secret" spots. Not just glass and steel exoskeletons and, at the moment, dirty snow and giant slush puddles.

And then there are the subway station mosaics. Maybe I'll dive into color work next.


  1. highly recommend the color work! fun - lovely pics too ;)

  2. I love the subway platform decorations and mosaics. Someone (you?) needs to document them because they don't always replace them when they decay.


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