05 February 2013


Sometimes we get stuck, creatively, and that's where I am at the moment. This interview with Jack White is interesting. He speaks to some of my thoughts on creativity that I've mentioned here before. Namely, constraints and structure, deadlines and a limited palette, rules, if you will, go a long way towards inspiring creativity. Think: "What are you rebelling against?" "What have you got?" Friction generates the spark.

I'm also wallowing in the end of an era by re-watching 30 Rock. If you're my facebook friend, you may have seen my mourning-30-Rock posts there yesterday. I'm still on season one, and there is so much hilarity, as well as incisive observations about gender and race. Plus, you have to love a show that mentions knitting in the pilot (even if it is a little disparaging):

Jack Donaghy: "New York, Third Wave feminist, college educated, single and pretending to be happy about it, over-scheduled, under-sexed, you buy any magazine that says "healthy body image" on the cover, and every two years you take up knitting for ... (pop) ... a week."
Pete Hornberger: "That is dead on! ... That knitting thing is uncanny. How do you do that?" -30 Rock, S1, Ep1

Liz, Jack, Pete, Jenna, Tracy, et. al., I'll miss you guys. But not for a while yet, since I have three more DVD sets to go, and season seven is still on OnDemand. Hoping for more inspiration and grateful for the entertainment (it's great swatching/knitting TV for me).

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