07 March 2013

Comments and maths

Today, on top of the threatening (but not delivering) weather, and Stephen's stomach bug (at least all the doorknobs, light switches, and bathroom are now clean), I've been wrestling with the final numbers for Sailor's Valentine. It is a lovely sweater, if I do say so myself, but the yoke and hood took me three tries to get right, and making sure my numbers are correct and work across seven sizes is a challenge.
Plus, someone who knits pattern of mine started their project page with "beware this pattern", even though all their comments had to do with the way they like to knit sweaters, not that there were actual things wrong with the pattern. I'm all for Knitter's Choice, but this kind of comment bums me out because there aren't actually errors in there, just a difference of opinion. (This also means such comments shouldn't really affect me, but it's that kind of day.)
Here's an outtake from Sailor's Valentine's photo shoot at the Maine Maritime Museum last summer. I'm hoping to release the pattern next week!

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  1. This is such a lovely sweater!

    And yeah, people make me stabby. Sigh.


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