15 May 2007

FO: Isobel's Shawl

Some cuteness for Tuesday. I made this for Isobel with the rest of the skein of Cherry Tree Hill Supersock used to finish the edge of Mom's Old Shale Shawl. I used US6 (4mm) and did a basic from the neck down shawl in garter stitch, increasing every other row. You can check out Clara's tutorial on basic shawl construction at Knitter's Review. When I had done 100 rows (50 YO pairs at the center), I added a frill by doing K1, YO across the row, knitting back, and repeating once. Then I did a crochet castoff, chaining five, then casting off three all the way across. I ended up with just 16 yards of yarn left over (there's a pic still on the camera - next time, perhaps).

Isobel really likes the shawl and was very excited about it the entire time I was knitting: "You make a shawl for meeee?!" She has it in her crib right now while she's napping.

In personal news, Peter has gone into a detox program. His mother is staying with Spenser and Riley (who keeps taking himself for walks outside, even though he's supposed to be an inside cat), and she is looking for a rehab program for him. I am so grateful that she is there and hope that this will help Peter. It's so hard to be here, so far away, but it was what I had to do.


  1. That was such a great idea! And what a cute little girl!

    I hope things will go well in the detox program, and am glad that there is someone staying at the house. I hope Spenser and Riley are doing OK (though from the sounds of it, I'm sure Riley thinks he's in charge!)

  2. She's so adorable in that shawl. There's nothing like the smiles of the little ones (typed the grandma-wannabe).

    My heart goes out to your family, meantime, and hope it works out okay. Tell him that someone in Palo Alto, CA wishes him the best.


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