30 May 2007

Adventurous Knitting

This is how much yarn I had left from knitting Isobel's shawl. About 15 yds. We live on the edge here at chez Purly.

And here's my girl in action in her shawl/apron. She's "cooking" up at the lake. Astute multi-crafters may appreciate the vintage Amish Tumbling Block quilt on the wall. Another of Mom and Dad's lovely bed toppers. This one used to hang on my brother's wall. Can you believe it? Some time I'll have to photograph some of the other pieces we have, including an amazing "white work" (it's actually a buff/peach toned fabric) hand quilted beauty by Bertha Meckstroft (not sure I've typed her name correctly).

I've started the first sleeve of my top-down raglan and am pretty sure I'm going to have to go back and add to the bottom of the body. Once the sleeves are complete, I think I'll know for certain.

And I'm on the hunt for a smaller project I can take to the park with Isobel, now that the sweater is, well, sweater sized. I don't think socks, so perhaps another shawl or a baby sweater, since my BFF is on the nest.

As for Tanya's question about wearing my shawl, I haven't worn this one yet, since it's been almost 90° F here lately. I think I may give away the Flower Basket Shawl, but I do plan to wear more shawls as I knit them up. And I'll try to do so casually, just wrapping them about me. I may need a shawl pin some day, though.

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