31 January 2008


*All But Divorced

Yes, the lawyers have done their thing, the ex-to-be showed up at court, and the judge didn't object to anything, so now I just have to wait four months for the divorce to be final. Apparently the four-month waiting period is some sort of 19th century sop to all those opposed to divorce. In case we change our minds or something. Not going to happen here, though I suppose it could in some other cases.

Enough of that.

I have been knitting, though not as focusedly as I might like. I'm about halfway through a Kaleidoscope cardigan with some Blue Moonstone Heavyweight sock yarn from the lovely ladies at The Fold/Blue Moon Fiber Arts. I have to find some suitable waste yarn to provisionally cast on for the sleeves before I can move ahead, and I don't seem to have anything in the stash that will work. That's what happens when you have such a woolly stash, I guess. I'll have to get my hands on some sort of cotton.

To keep the hands busy, I cast on for another of Kat Coyle's Berets from Greetings from Knit Cafe in the called-for Alpaca Silk in a lovely, deep pumpkin color for my grandmother. The color is very her, and it should be a quick, portable knit, as Isobel has a pediatrician appointment tomorrow, and we all know how long one can wait at the doctor's office. Thank goodness her stomach bug has passed. Tuesday night was not fun.

Anyway, I also have to cast on for my brother's Christmas present pullover next. He said he'll wait until next winter, but it should go pretty quickly once I do my EZ math, as it's in Malabrigo worsted. And I'd like him to be able to wear it this winter. As we all know winter goes on for quite some time into the year if you live in the Northern half of the country.

I have started the job search and have even found a couple of things to apply for but for some reason I'm moving as slowly as ... molasses in January. Hopefully February will give me some momentum.

Oh, and I have to say I wear my Slouchy Cardi at least twice a week. Love it. Nick says he'll take pictures any time, so I just have to submit to posing.

04 January 2008

Happy Belated New Year

So, it seems we had a bit of a hiatus here in Purlyworld. Life has been moving very quickly, though I'm still jobless in the City. Well, aside from that whole "best job in the world" to Miss Isobel. We've been back and forth to Chicago a couple of times; I was up to Gloucester; Mr. (almost) Ex was down to see Isobel; and we're off to Hawaii. Yes, life is difficult.

And there has been a lot of knitting!
-just finished the slouchy cardi (sans hood, which needs to be re-knit but is optional) in Zephyr DK from Greetings from Knit Cafe
-an Ostrich Feather patterned wrap/poncho from IK's Poncho Staff Projects in Indigo Malabrigo for my sister who heads back to Afghanistan tonight (wah!)
-a pair of garter gauntlets in Ultra Alpaca from Weekend Knitting to warm said sister up
-a mohair singlet in Heavenly (blue) Kidsilk Haze for my good-sister
-an elf hat for me in Blue Sky Alpaca Bulky (cream and hand-dye pale blue) from Handknit Holidays
-a Reading (Nursing) in Bed Shrug for my BFF in Earl Grey Blue Sky Alpaca Brushed Suri
-that grey Aran baby sweater in Encore for my BFF's bebe from Knitting for Baby
-one more Beret from the lovely Kat Coyle's pattern in Greetings from Knit Cafe in Blue Sky Alpaca Silk (rich orange colorway) that is in process for my lovely grandmother
-a placket pullover from Last-Minute Knitted Gifts in Purple Mystery Malabrigo to be knit for Miss Isobel
-a raglan pullover from EZ's Knitting Without Tears in Paris Night Malabrigo to be knit for my brother

And some more yarn was acquired:
-two skeins of STR Heavyweight in Blue Moonstone to make the Kaleidoscope cardi from Magknits
-two skeins of BMFA's Geisha in Downpour for some delovely sweater I have yet to discover/unvent (this yarn is so gorgeous)
-two skeins of Malabrigo lace in Amoroso for some other delightful project I have yet to figure out

I'm sure more yarn has leapt into my stash but those are the highlights. The first two joined the family from The Fold in Marengo (the benefit to visiting my grandmother is stopping at The Fold on the way back.

After Hawaii I promise to get on the stick about the blog and actually post pictures. Until then, Aloha!

24 November 2007

I'm still here!

But we have no internet access in New York (and it's difficult to shlep your child and laptop to an internet cafe - she's just not that into lattes) thanks to the brilliant contractors who renovated the apartment. They neglected to connect the inside wiring to the building wiring.

Anyway, things are going well so far. It's actually been somewhat freeing to be internet-less for a few weeks, though it's put a hitch in the job search. I've been knitting a bit, though I must ask *the* question: If a knitblogger knits when she is temporarily blogless, does it count? Hehe. Of course!

I finished up another one of those Alpaca Silk berets by the lovely Kat Coyle from Greetings from Knit Cafe. My only issue is that I used up every scrap of that skein to make the hat and had to increase the rate of decrease at the top, and I used a smaller needle for the cast-on and ribbing. Guess I should recheck my gauge on that. But it came out nicely in a rich chocolate brown. And I wear the one I made for myself in blue leftover from the Mermaid Hourglass Sweater this spring all the time (partly because I haven't knit myself a new winter hat yet, which I need to do).

I also knit up another of those adorable cabled baby sweaters from Knitting for Baby in grey Encore Worsted for my best friend's baby boy, Christopher Matthew, who joined the world on 12 November. There will be pictures at some point, though I made the six-month size, so it may be a little while before he sports it. He slept the entire time I held him (over an hour), so we got along like gangbusters. We'll see how things go next time.

I'm about halfway through the first of Eunny's Endpaper Mitts with leftover Clapotis yarn (Koigu) and a skein of brown Koigu. I did a long-tail cast-on because I didn't have the instructions with me for the better Tubular version. Seems fine, so far. I'm wrangling the two yarns fairly well, I think, though my Continental knitting needs some work. Tensioning the yarn in my left hand is the challenge.

And before we moved to New York I whipped up some mittens and a beret for Isobel in Debbie Bliss Cashmerino with help from Ann Budd's Handy Book of Patterns. She looks very cute, if I do say so myself, and I'll have to snap some shots of her. She'll need a warmer hat and mittens for real winter, but I'll wait until we get her a new parka to decide on yarn for that. She says she's keen for me to make her a new sweater for Christmas, so we'll have to survey the stash in Manhattan when we return on Monday.

In my NYC adventures I've been to Purl Soho, which is much smaller than I would have thought, though very cute, and the staff were young and cool and interesting to chat with - they were putting out the new Manos del Uruguay wool/silk DK yarn, and we all fondled it and compared it to Sheep 3 from Sheep Shop Yarn Company. The main difference (besides colorways) is that the Manos is a single ply, while I believe Sheep 3 is three-ply. I may have bought some Blue Sky Alpacas Royal to possibly make something like a scarf for someone special. Maybe. Ahem. I believe the color is Cafe au Lait, but this skein didn't have a tag. As Isobel often says "That's O.K. Things happen."

I also checked out The Yarn Co., which was very busy when I was there on a weekday afternoon (my sweetie pretty much kicked me out of the apartment for the afternoon). Somehow I came home without five sale skeins of Noro Cash Iroha in a pretty pool color because I couldn't figure out what to do with it and didn't want to have to go on the hunt for dyelot matches. They had a huge selection of Manos and a good variety of yarn, there were quite a few staff members helping people out and a busy communal work table, but I didn't quite feel at home.

You know where I did feel at home? Yarns in the Farms, when I stopped by for a few minutes the weekend before Thanksgiving. Nick had a conference in Providence, so we drove up on Sunday to get kitty Riley and some of Isobel's toys (and my toys: YARN) from the house. Even though it was past Isobel's naptime, and we still hadn't eaten lunch, I couldn't be in the 'hood without stopping my MY LYS. There is another yarn shop I need to check out near Columbia that may work. It's not far from the apartment and has a knit night. I'll let you all know how Yarntopia works out. Well, once we have internet access or Isobel expresses an interest in hanging out at a cafe.

25 October 2007

The Cliffs of Insanity!

I only have ten yards of yarn left for the Slouchy Cardi after casting off the hood. I am nuts. And I still have to seam it up. But I have laceweight (2/8) in the same yarn and colorway, so I can use that for seaming. For those playing along at home, this is 4/8 Jaggerspun Zephyr ("DK" weight according to those good people, more like Light Worsted to my mind). I am thrilled to have completed miles and miles of stockinette because I know (if it fits) that this will be one of those go-to sweaters in my wardrobe. That's the thing, isn't it. We moan about miles of stockinette, but it makes for eminently wearable sweaters.

So, what's next for Purly? I'm glad you asked.

For the needles I'm not quite sure, though I've got a ton of stuff queued up on Ravelry and other ideas in my head.

For real life, we have a real move.

Yes, Isobel and I are moving to Manhattan on 1 November. Which means that the post should be titled "The Skyscrapers of Insanity", no? And it also means that I am leaving the Suburbs of Insanity. Not really, but really. I love my family and friends here in the Midwest, but I've become an East Coast girl and long to get back. Watching the Red Sox kick tuchus is not the same here, you know?

And Riley is going to come live with us, too, as I told Bridget the other day (her Garden Kitty looks a lot like Riley-kins). Spenser has gone back to live with his breeder until she can find him a new home, which is for the best. Now, if we could just find someone to buy the house and get my soon-to-be-ex-husband to get his act together enough to participate in divorce proceedings, we'd be all set. Until then my darling Intended and I will have to wait to make things official.

But it's all for real. Someone pinch me. Yet if I wake up I might have to deal with R.O.U.S.es. Eep. They probably have those in New York.

And, no, I haven't seen The Princess Bride lately. Maybe I should.

FO: Log Cabin Socks

Log Cabin Socks from Handknit Holidays for my brother in Berrocco Pure Merino shade 8522 Aubergine (3.5 skeins) on US6s
I made the Men's size and they fit his US 12 feet! I made them a little longer than the pattern called for after consulting a shoe size to inches chart somewhere on the 'net. Very nice yarn - soft and squishy, only snagged a few times with it's multi-multi-ply construction. I may consider this yarn for Norah Gaughan's Capecho from last year's Vogue Knitting (the yarn called for in the pattern). It's also washable, which makes it more viable for a winter white accessory. And certainly makes it more viable for a brother, even if he is married (they have a small person and both work full-time, so they don't have a lot of time to coddle handknits). Each sock took me a couple of days to knit, and I didn't work on them 'round the clock. I might need a pair for myself - we'll see.

So, NaKniSweMo is November, and I'm thinking of participating (I should do NaNoBloMo and post every day). Perhaps it's time to knit Eunny's Venezia? I still have to do the Endpaper Mitts to go along with my Clapotis (and have to post over at Second-Wave Clapotis about my lovely shawl that I wear almost daily now that we've got seasonable weather) to get started on stranded knitting. And Isobel needs a hat and mittens (I have some cherry-colored Debbie Bliss Cashmerino for those). And I want a little vest out of the Alpaca with a Twist I bought last month. And I want a Razor Shell Cami out of some of my burgeoning stash of sock yarn (I can't wait for my Rockin' Sock Club yarn to arrive, hopefully, today). And I really want to buy some of the Webs Debbie Bliss Pure Cashmere cloeseout yarn, though I scoffed at the Cocktail Capelet from Spring's IK when I first saw it ($90 worth of cashmere seems a little crazy for a little capelet, but $45 to play with pure cashmere seems slightly less crazy - slightly). And and and...

Closing in on the end of the hood for my Slouchy Cardi clearly means it's time to find the next project, if only to constructively avoid seaming. Hehe. I made a deal with myself that I couldn't knit anything else until I finished Michael's sock, and I ended up spending a lot of time on Ravelry looking for next projects. I'm good at avoidance, eh? I still remember alphabetizing my books freshman year of college at American University (I transferred to Washington University in St. Louis after that first year) to procrastinate studying for finals. I do a little better now.

16 October 2007

SSS = 1/2 FO?

Ooh, advanced math. Does Second Sock Syndrome equal one half a finished object? I now know why I don't knit socks. I hate knitting the second one! Even when using lovely Merino Pure on reasonably sized needles. Even when it's a gift for my dear (and only) brother. Even when it's a really nice pattern like the Log Cabin Socks from Handknit Holidays. Sigh. I finished the first one in two days, even after casting on the wrong number of stitches and not noticing until I switched from ribbing to the cable chart. Yup, that's me, Swifty. I'd like to blame this on the head-cold-with-sore-throat I have from la belle, but it's not nice to blame your little one for such things.

I did give my brother the first sock, which is why there is no photo in today's post. Again, Swifty McSwift forgot to snap a pic before wrapping. So, I do have to knit up the second sock here soon. And I'm sure I'll feel much better once I do. And, to be honest, it's nippy here in the mornings some days and I would like some handknit socks of my own, so I may yet get my sock knitting act together and do something other than ogle my Rockin' Sock Club stash.

Still working on the Slouchy Cardi, closing in on the armhole shaping of the second front. Then there's a sleeve and the hood if I have enough yarn. Shouldn't be a problem, but I decided to leave it for last just in case. I am NOT looking forward to the seaming, but it will give me some practice I guess. I AM looking forward to wearing this cardigan, though, so it will be worth it.

I've spent a lot of time on Ravelry the last couple of days, finally logging in my Wilmette stash and queueing up a bunch of things I'd like to make. I wish they would allow you to add magazines to your bookshelf. And I'm a little anxious about adding in the Gloucester stash - there is a fair bit more I think. I was supposed to go to Boston tomorrow with the wee one for visiting, packing, and a meeting with lawyers and ex-husband-to-be, but he's not doing well, so the trip has been postponed. I'm sad to miss Knit Night, but with the dueling colds and all the other stuff going on, it's for the best.

11 October 2007


Some of you may have noticed things on the blog over the past few months: flowers, yarn from the East Coast, the knitting of a man's sweater, a visit to New York. [You didn't notice? Too distracted by my scintillating prose, gorgeous knitting, and brilliant photography? Just busy with your own life? That's OK.]

Yes, I'm seeing someone. And not to be melodramatic, but he is the love of my life and has been since I was ... sixteen? seventeen? a very long time. Sometimes a crush isn't just about shoes, sometimes it turns into a full-blown love affair.

How did this happen? you might ask, and Why did you marry someone else? You'll have to wait for the movie for the complete story. But the blame for some of this falls squarely on the cicadas. Remember this post? Well, Nicholas and I started to correspond, first about children and divorces then life and everything. After a four-hour telephone conversation it was clear that we had both matured, having been put through the emotional wringer, and still had an intense connection, even after a twelve-year separation. Suffice it to say that things are going very well, and the puzzle pieces are falling into place, albeit slowly (why does it take almost three months to retain a lawyer, soon-to-be ex-husband? Sigh). Happiness is here and growing every day.

More later, but Isobel needs attention.