16 October 2007

SSS = 1/2 FO?

Ooh, advanced math. Does Second Sock Syndrome equal one half a finished object? I now know why I don't knit socks. I hate knitting the second one! Even when using lovely Merino Pure on reasonably sized needles. Even when it's a gift for my dear (and only) brother. Even when it's a really nice pattern like the Log Cabin Socks from Handknit Holidays. Sigh. I finished the first one in two days, even after casting on the wrong number of stitches and not noticing until I switched from ribbing to the cable chart. Yup, that's me, Swifty. I'd like to blame this on the head-cold-with-sore-throat I have from la belle, but it's not nice to blame your little one for such things.

I did give my brother the first sock, which is why there is no photo in today's post. Again, Swifty McSwift forgot to snap a pic before wrapping. So, I do have to knit up the second sock here soon. And I'm sure I'll feel much better once I do. And, to be honest, it's nippy here in the mornings some days and I would like some handknit socks of my own, so I may yet get my sock knitting act together and do something other than ogle my Rockin' Sock Club stash.

Still working on the Slouchy Cardi, closing in on the armhole shaping of the second front. Then there's a sleeve and the hood if I have enough yarn. Shouldn't be a problem, but I decided to leave it for last just in case. I am NOT looking forward to the seaming, but it will give me some practice I guess. I AM looking forward to wearing this cardigan, though, so it will be worth it.

I've spent a lot of time on Ravelry the last couple of days, finally logging in my Wilmette stash and queueing up a bunch of things I'd like to make. I wish they would allow you to add magazines to your bookshelf. And I'm a little anxious about adding in the Gloucester stash - there is a fair bit more I think. I was supposed to go to Boston tomorrow with the wee one for visiting, packing, and a meeting with lawyers and ex-husband-to-be, but he's not doing well, so the trip has been postponed. I'm sad to miss Knit Night, but with the dueling colds and all the other stuff going on, it's for the best.

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  1. OK, I have no idea if this will work for you, but here is how I avoid SSS (when I can). I buy two sets of the needles I need. Then I do the cuff on one, then the cuff on the other, then the leg, etc. That way, when you have the first one finished, the second one is nearly finished, too!

    Might be worth a try ...

    I'll look for you on Ravelry. :-)


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