15 February 2016

Color blocking with Kathleen Dames (and Victoria Beckham)

Yesterday's Victoria Beckham show for NYFW included a little something that looks awfully familiar...

Victoria Beckham: Fall 2016, Look 9

Color-blocked cuffs, matching collar, navy body, orange contrast. Does that look like anything you might already know?

Kathleen Dames: June 2013, Bloc Pulli

Oh, hello, Bloc Pulli. You're looking as sharp as when I designed and knit you during Hurricane Sandy. You've got fun-to-knit long cuffs shaped with short rows, a sideways-knit collar that's stretchy and adds a pop of color up top, and in the entire garment you only have to purl three half-rows, so you're just one big, fabulous knit-knit-knit. (Personally, I wouldn't want to knit a sweater entirely in ribbing these days, but that may just be me.)

Guess color blocking is still a fashionable thing. Do you think my Bloc Party cardigan will show up in a collection next Spring?


Last summer I experienced another facet of the Intellectual Property dodecahedron when someone was selling a copy of my pattern for An Aran for Frederick on Etsy. That was a pretty clear case, and Etsy responded almost immediately by taking the pattern down.

In this instance Ms. Beckham's Look 9 would be deemed nothing more than a coincidence, since, unlike Mati Ventrillon's experience with the house of Chanel, VB's design team have not visited my atelier (i.e. my desk in the corner of the dining room/book and yarn stash storage next to the washer-dryer/filming studio in our bedroom) ... ever.

So, what should I do? Not much, actually, except enjoy the fact that a design similar to mine stomped the catwalk at NYFW yesterday. I do think my design is more fun to knit, though ;)

Thanks for stopping by, and happy knitting!

P.S. Guess my next pattern in the upgrade queue should be Bloc Pulli, eh?

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