10 September 2013

September/Birthday sale (20% off)

If you are a newsletter subscriber, you already know this, but from now until the end of September you can get any (or all) of my self-published patterns for 20% off. The discount will be applied automagically on Ravelry (just place the patterns in your cart, and they'll do the rest), and on Etsy use the code BIRTHDAY2013 at checkout. It's my birthday, but you get the present :)

Penelope had her first hour-and-a-half of Kindergarten today, and tomorrow she stays at school without me for half the day. Imagine all the pattern grading I can get done in ... less than three hours. Hehe. But by Friday the kids will all be in school full-time, and the fun really begins. Friday is also my actual birthday, so there will be much rejoicing. Somehow the time has flown by, and I haven't even managed to put together my birthday wish list. Oh, well, I guess it's better to want less. I have plenty of yarn and ideas and soon will have some time to put them together.

Until then, thanks for stopping by, and happy knitting!

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