29 June 2011

Pattern: Captain Austen's Scarf (reissue)


A cozy scarf is a must for walking the deck of your ship, and what better way to dress it up than with a little of Frank Austen's fringe? He worked the very same fringe (on some curtains) while on shore leave with his sister Jane. Luscious, bulky Malabrigo Twist makes for a quick knit, and the reversible Seaweed stitch pattern will keep your interest until it's tie to tie that fringe and board your ship.

I originally released Captain Austen's Scarf last fall, but when putting together the collection Avast No. 1, I realized it belonged here and brought it to the photo shoot. Doesn't it look great on Stephen?

Captain Austen's Scarf $4

Captain Austen's Scarf is also part of the new ebook Avast No. 1: eight patterns for piratical knitters.
Avast No. 1 $25

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