29 June 2011

Pattern: Babe in the Mist


Wrap your littlest buccaneer in a blanket of Mist Drops to keep baby safe from discovery, whether on board ship or tucked away on a desert island. Every edge of this cozy cover undulates so baby will become accustomed to the waves, and both sides of this pattern are beautiful, so no worries about which side is best. A washable wool blend makes this a practical, not-too-heavy, and easy-to-care for blanket for your babe.
Babe in the Mist uses approximately 500 yards of Berocco's Vintage
Pattern is charted and written out, and includes helpful notes to get you started.
Skills Needed 
Casting on 
Binding off 
Babe in the Mist $5 
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Babe in the Mist is also part of the new ebook Avast No. 1: eight patterns for piratical knitters.
Avast No. 1 $25

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