14 March 2011

Sunday Travelling

Perhaps there is a good reason not to travel on Sundays...

We drove up to Cambridge so Isobel could see her father and Nick could visit the rare book library at Harvard for some research on his own book. Penelope and I came along for the ride. Unfortunately, said little person got sick, not once, but twice, on the way up. Ick. But what are you going to do with a child who think yogurt and milk are a good breakfast? Personally, I need some starch (cereal, bread, waffle) to keep my stomach settled. Needless to say, we were all a bit frazzled by the end of the journey. While I'm sorry not to have made plans to see some of our family friends, it probably was for the best.

I did start working on a hat pattern in the car, though, and am really enjoying it. It's a watch cap but with a little more going on that will give it a few wearing options, if that makes sense. And I think this hat is going to be part of a small collection of patterns I am going to put together and publish in a booklet, or at least an e-book. They will be available individually, as well, but I think I have enough of a theme going to put them together.

Because, really, after all my years in book publishing, I should be able to do this. I've been a copy editor, writer/editor, production assistant, advertising designer, marketing specialist, graphic designer, web designer, and art director. I think I have the bases covered, don't you? So, I've been trying to get myself organized (hence, all those project sheets on my bulletin board to visualize the work completed and the work yet to be done). I'll keep you posted, obviously, and hope that actually mentioning it here on the blog will push me to make it happen.

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  1. with all that experience i think you will do a wonderful book of patterns!


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