04 December 2008

Wish List, Winter 2008

E.T.A. This was dated incorrectly, and I'd forgotten about Ork Posters!

I don't know why I have such fun making these lists, but I do. What do you want this season?

  • Pretty pearl drop earrings - they remind me of a pair Nick gave me years ago
  • This pretty clutch from Red Ruby Rose embroidery, silk, nickel clasp - all things I like
  • I am still longing for Scilla (under Bohus Stickning)
  • Silk (again with the silk!) Circus dress and one of Desira's Bow belts - I'm thinking of an all-etsy wardrobe for the coming year. Not truly possible with my need for Lucky jeans and all, but fun to imagine.
  • Silver Wellies 'nuf said
  • Yarn, yarn, yarn
  • T I M E Time to knit, write, sleep, design those patterns in my head, play with my kids
  • a baby who sleeps some of the time
  • remote for my camera
  • blocking board - not really sure what kind but some surface for blocking
  • sewing stuff - I'm getting (have gotten, actually; the box is in the laundry room) a sewing machine for Christmas, so if you have any recommendations on books or blogs or websites, please let me know. My mom taught me to sew when I was little, so I hope it comes back to me, though I should probably find a class to refresh my memory.
  • Starbucks card since I'm too cheap to treat myself very often (except when I'm visiting my parents 'cause there's a Starbucks drive-thru near their house - love it!)
  • fabulous laptop case - why is it sold out?!?
  • the Domino book
  • an ork poster (or three) - the pale blue Boston one, the Great Lakes one, the orange butcher paper Manhattan (how cool is that substrate?), the white on black Chicago - so many to choose from
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    1. I got a sewing machine for my BD, and can't wait to set it up and get going!


    what do you think?