29 September 2008

The Big D

Divorce, that is. Nick's divorce is finally final! We can get hitched! We're still processing the fact that we are both finally free to be together, but once we get a plan together, I'll let you know what it is. Something down at City Hall with a family celebration in the Windy City at Christmastime, so my sister can be there (she's still in Afghanistan but leaving her job there at the end of October to travel some).

There are also quite a few FOs to share, but I need to snap pics, and it was too rainy for that this weekend. I prefer shooting with natural light. So, this week stay tuned for a pair of gloves, a BSJ and BSBs (Baby Surprise Booties), a beret, a February Lady Sweater (hopefully with buttons), and probably another beret (Christmas presents).

Gotta go. Pen is waking up from another nap.

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