27 September 2008

...And We're Back

Whew! So far, so good. Should you ever be foolish enough to spill water on your laptop, shut it down right away and/or remove the battery, then turn it over so the water can drain out and let it dry for a couple of days before trying anything. I'm backing up everything that matters (photos and knitting patterns) right now, which hadn't been done for a while, and am keeping my fingers crossed that I won't need a new, expensive piece of hardware until I am gainfully employed. Ugh. At least it wasn't coffee or juice.
And at least I did it rather than one of the kids or something. Only myself to blame.

On to more fun things, like Christmas knitting. Luckily, I think I've found the perfect yarns for some family members right in my very own stash. As Stephanie so wisely said in one of her books, it's best to have a large yarn stash so you can go shopping at 3am if needed.

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