27 July 2008

Knitted Dolls

As my little lady gets bigger, we get more interested in dolls. Or maybe I just get more interested in dolls. Or maybe I've been interested in dolls since I was a little girl and finally have a safe outlet for my interest, since I don't want to be one of those creepy doll ladies.

Anyway, this morning I discovered some awesome dolls on Ravelry that combine my appreciation of dolls with my interest in historical fiction, particularly the Tudor period. Check out Anne Boleyn with detachable head! The doll is gorgeous, and I love the details. She makes the Jean Greenhow Topsy-Turvy Cinderella in my faves pattern list look pretty blah. No offense to Jean Greenhowe, whatsoever. Her dolls are very sweet, and I have a fondness for topsy-turvy dolls.

And it looks like Ms. Caffaknitted's dolls are going to be in a show here in NYC in December! So, I'll be able to give an in-person report on them then.

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