14 July 2008

FO: Old Shale Shawl

Pattern: Old Shale Shawl by Evelyn Clark in Piecework, January/February 2005 [Ravel It]
Yarn: Misti Alpaca Lace, colorway 8105 (an almost indescribable shade of grey/periwinkle/lavender)
Needle: Bryspun 29" US6
Mods: None
Recipient: BFF Karen

I'm still shocked that I used the yarn called for in this pattern. Last time I made one of these it was in sock yarn, and this yarn is sooo thin in comparison. Apparently, I have trouble counting to, like, five these days, so there was a bit of tinking, which is a challenge with this yarn, though it held up nicely. Very happy with the final outcome, but I've come to realize this is not my favorite pattern, as I seem to recall having similar counting problems when I knit this for my mom last spring. Oddly, I seem to do better with a slightly more complicated lace pattern.

It is interesting to go back and knit a pattern you've done before after some time, to realize what you've learned about knitting. So, I'm glad I did this one, and maybe I'll knit another one in a few years to see if I can finally count to five!

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  1. Wowowowoweee. That looks way complex for my synaptic dysfunctional mind. But soooo pretty! Love this! Wedding shawl!


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