18 April 2007

Mermaid Sighting

Dad isn't the best photog for the knits (look, ma, no hands!), but I thought you'd like to see this from the front. See how it's a little sheer? I'm wearing a v-neck t-shirt underneath. It's OK, though, I don't mind.

Have I mentioned that I love this yarn? The sheen of the silk. Yum.


  1. THANK you for the pictures! See, I am your blog stalker. I want to go to the fold when we come out to see you. Suzanne has been going nuts with the shawls, too.

  2. mermaid sweater looks amazing! i love the lacy details. i might have to make one very, very soon.


  3. Mermaid sighting, I'll say! Lovely. Do you sleep?

    Save some yarn $$ for the Lobster Pot Cashmere that will be in at Yarns In The Farms soon. Oh la la. Selected some colors just for you.


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