26 April 2007

Blue Moon

OK, so I'm mooning over the Blue Moon Fiber Arts website, obsessively checking my account to see if they've shipped my new Rockin' Sock Club kit (no, "sigh"), and I wanted to mention that some of the yarn at The Fold was stuff I haven't seen on the site. Colorways and fibers. I've only seen the Bliss yarn is snagged in a sock kit BMFA sells. And the Siren Song colorway is not on the site at all. Stalk The Fold, people! And BMFA, of course.

What do you think of Lucy in the Sky? Of course I heart "plain" Lucy. I remember Nodding Violet was just as pretty in person. Why didn't I get it? I think panic set in. We'll have to see about going out to visit Grandma again soon. She'd get a shawl out of it for sure.

Oh, I've stalled on sewing up Isobel's cardigan.

I checked out Twinkle's book at Borders today, and am considering an addition to the knitting book pile. It will just be a matter of figuring out which size to really knit up and possible yarn subs.

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