05 January 2007

The best little LYS

Have I mentioned that I love my LYS? Yarns in the Farms ("yahns in tha fahms" for the locals) is such a wonderful place. I thought it was a fantastic shop when Carolyn owned it by herself, and it's only more delightful now that she has a partner in Jill.

When Isobel and I visited last Saturday, I forgot her sippy cup when we left. It's one of two "big girl" sippies, so being without it has been a minor hassle. And I forgot to grab it when I went to Knit Nite on Tuesday. So, we picked it up last night, which allowed Peter and Jill to meet and Isobel to play with Jill's pooch, Chaco. I love how comfortable Isobel is in the world these days. She just popped right into the shop and started playing, grabbing a pencil from the coffee table and "writing" on a scrap of paper, talking to Chaco, grabbing yarn from the community scarf basket.

Anyway, Jill and Carolyn have been reading the blog (hi, babes!), and Jill offered the use of her microphone if I ever want to start podcasting. I had completely forgotten about that, though I have been thinking about LibriVox lately, listening to CraftLit, since I really enjoy Heather but am not in love with Henry James. I know he was brilliant, but I find his sentence structure overwrought. Then, this morning I listened to some of It's a Purl, Man. I'm only on episode two, but while Brenda recovers, I have to find other podcasts to fill the void. I mean, Lime n Violet only 'cast once a week!

So, what would I say on a podcast? When would I find the time to do it? I'm already crazy with work, commute, Isobel, Peter, the animals, etc. I haven't even found the time to exercise, though we just joined the Y, and they have some yoga classes, so hopefully I can get back on that horse. More pondering...

But back to Yarns in the Farms for a moment: I just love how supportive everyone is there. Yes, it is a store, but, as Jill and I discussed yesterday, it's also a community. And I hope it stays that way for a long time.

In the meantime, check out Ysolda. I heart her. She is just adorable. And I need that Snow White pattern! What a scrummy looking sweater.

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  1. OMG!!!! This just cracked me up! I live in Rhode Island (roadilan to the locals here) and we all talk like this! SOOO funny one of my blog titles is "A SCHAAHF & A CUPULA SWETA'S"! HA! I am still giggling! Thanks for the laugh!


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