09 January 2007


Yay! One sleeve down, and I started the right front last night. The joys of bulky yarn. Used a little over one skein for a sleeve, so I am pretty sure I'll have enough yarn to complete this project. 1+ skein for each sleeve, probably 1+ skein for each front, and probably 3 skeins for the back. I might even have a skein left over, but we won't hold our breath.

My gauge looks on target (whew!), and since alpaca has a tendency to stretch lengthwise, I'm glad I didn't lengthen the sleeves any. I went with the US9s as the pattern suggested rather than the 10s the ballband recommended. Why? I probably wasn't paying attention! But I think it will serve me well in the end, as the fabric will be a little tighter, more jacket-like.

In regards to the bulky yarn, it may put me off fine gauge knitting for a while. There is a pretty raglan sweater in Alterknits with velvet trim, but I think you knit it on US4s or something crazy like that. I'm not the largest person around, but that would take a long time to knit up. That may be what's keeping me from knitting socks. Guess I should try some knocking about the house socks in DK or light worsted to work my way up. Everyone says socks are so addictive (for better or for worse). But then lots of people are into entrelac and the like, which I just don't like the look of.

I wrapped up the garter gloves last night for Isobel's teachers: white tissue paper tied with scraps of the same yarn as the gloves. I hope they like them!

Knit Nite tonight!

P.S. Like the new color scheme? Maybe if you're very good there will be pictures!

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