31 January 2008


*All But Divorced

Yes, the lawyers have done their thing, the ex-to-be showed up at court, and the judge didn't object to anything, so now I just have to wait four months for the divorce to be final. Apparently the four-month waiting period is some sort of 19th century sop to all those opposed to divorce. In case we change our minds or something. Not going to happen here, though I suppose it could in some other cases.

Enough of that.

I have been knitting, though not as focusedly as I might like. I'm about halfway through a Kaleidoscope cardigan with some Blue Moonstone Heavyweight sock yarn from the lovely ladies at The Fold/Blue Moon Fiber Arts. I have to find some suitable waste yarn to provisionally cast on for the sleeves before I can move ahead, and I don't seem to have anything in the stash that will work. That's what happens when you have such a woolly stash, I guess. I'll have to get my hands on some sort of cotton.

To keep the hands busy, I cast on for another of Kat Coyle's Berets from Greetings from Knit Cafe in the called-for Alpaca Silk in a lovely, deep pumpkin color for my grandmother. The color is very her, and it should be a quick, portable knit, as Isobel has a pediatrician appointment tomorrow, and we all know how long one can wait at the doctor's office. Thank goodness her stomach bug has passed. Tuesday night was not fun.

Anyway, I also have to cast on for my brother's Christmas present pullover next. He said he'll wait until next winter, but it should go pretty quickly once I do my EZ math, as it's in Malabrigo worsted. And I'd like him to be able to wear it this winter. As we all know winter goes on for quite some time into the year if you live in the Northern half of the country.

I have started the job search and have even found a couple of things to apply for but for some reason I'm moving as slowly as ... molasses in January. Hopefully February will give me some momentum.

Oh, and I have to say I wear my Slouchy Cardi at least twice a week. Love it. Nick says he'll take pictures any time, so I just have to submit to posing.

04 January 2008

Happy Belated New Year

So, it seems we had a bit of a hiatus here in Purlyworld. Life has been moving very quickly, though I'm still jobless in the City. Well, aside from that whole "best job in the world" to Miss Isobel. We've been back and forth to Chicago a couple of times; I was up to Gloucester; Mr. (almost) Ex was down to see Isobel; and we're off to Hawaii. Yes, life is difficult.

And there has been a lot of knitting!
-just finished the slouchy cardi (sans hood, which needs to be re-knit but is optional) in Zephyr DK from Greetings from Knit Cafe
-an Ostrich Feather patterned wrap/poncho from IK's Poncho Staff Projects in Indigo Malabrigo for my sister who heads back to Afghanistan tonight (wah!)
-a pair of garter gauntlets in Ultra Alpaca from Weekend Knitting to warm said sister up
-a mohair singlet in Heavenly (blue) Kidsilk Haze for my good-sister
-an elf hat for me in Blue Sky Alpaca Bulky (cream and hand-dye pale blue) from Handknit Holidays
-a Reading (Nursing) in Bed Shrug for my BFF in Earl Grey Blue Sky Alpaca Brushed Suri
-that grey Aran baby sweater in Encore for my BFF's bebe from Knitting for Baby
-one more Beret from the lovely Kat Coyle's pattern in Greetings from Knit Cafe in Blue Sky Alpaca Silk (rich orange colorway) that is in process for my lovely grandmother
-a placket pullover from Last-Minute Knitted Gifts in Purple Mystery Malabrigo to be knit for Miss Isobel
-a raglan pullover from EZ's Knitting Without Tears in Paris Night Malabrigo to be knit for my brother

And some more yarn was acquired:
-two skeins of STR Heavyweight in Blue Moonstone to make the Kaleidoscope cardi from Magknits
-two skeins of BMFA's Geisha in Downpour for some delovely sweater I have yet to discover/unvent (this yarn is so gorgeous)
-two skeins of Malabrigo lace in Amoroso for some other delightful project I have yet to figure out

I'm sure more yarn has leapt into my stash but those are the highlights. The first two joined the family from The Fold in Marengo (the benefit to visiting my grandmother is stopping at The Fold on the way back.

After Hawaii I promise to get on the stick about the blog and actually post pictures. Until then, Aloha!