30 January 2007

DELAY: IMOnday: Yarns in the Farms, Beverly Farms, Massachusetts

I'm sorry to have to delay my review of my (tipping my hand, here) favorite yarn store, but Spenser, our sweet, gorgeous, but not terribly bright English Setter, ran off from the dogwalker yesterday during an off-leash stroll at the Goose Cove Reservoir, and we're still looking for him. Please keep him in your thoughts, as it was 13ยบ last night in Gloucester.

I'll try to do the review later this week, since I even have pictures of the shop.


  1. OH DEAR! Hope she has a guadian angel taking care of her... keep us posted!

  2. Please let us know! Everyone at our house (furry and otherwise) will send prayers and good wishes.

  3. Oh no, I am so sorry. be sure to call the dog officers from all surrounding towns. Go back to the park with a whistle. he may hear this as voices don't travel well in wooded areas. Good luck. I will pray that you find him.

  4. Having been through similiar times with dogs myself I await your post. I will also send prayers.


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