23 August 2013

Maine report, August 2013

I sailed a schooner in my Wavelette (pattern going out for tech editing when I recover from the loveliness that was our time in Maine). Actually, the captain let me steer for quite a while, since it was a beautiful day with a steady wind. If you ever get up to Boothbay and want to cruise the harbor, choose Eastwind Schooner. Lovely lovely boat and really nice people. You will not be disappointed. 

Foggy beach day

Wavelette photo shoot outtake - this sweater ended up being perfect for cooler summer weather. I wore it a lot, and not just to have my picture taken. 

I found the jetsam at the beach visually intriguing

Selfie with Isobel at the Seadogs game (we made it to two games - AA Red Sox affiliate, so a great place to see future stars)

We visited the Shakers at Sabbathday Lake. There are only three Shakers left in the world. 

They've got sheep! I brought home some yarn but haven't photographed it yet. Separate post on that to come. 

We left Maine briefly for the Fiber Revival in Newburyport, Massachusetts. Pretty much my favorite fiber festival - it's the only thing I will leave Maine for during our time up there. Proper post to come on that as well. 

The rosa rugosa at the beach not only look beautiful, but they smell divine. There weren't too many left, since most of them had matured into beach plums, but there were enough to perfume the path to the beach proper. 

I started a pi shawl whose design has been hibernating for three years. 

And this is how far I was at the start of day two. 

And the third day at the beach. The beginning of a pi shawl is very satisfying. Until you realize that you've messed up the lace pattern in the 288-stitch section and have to frog back. It's taken me almost a week to get back to this point, but now I'm forging ahead, though the knitting time isn't as glorious now that we've left Maine. 

Isobel sailed a kite (and boogied boarded and collected shells and read Harry Potter 3 & 4 and neglected her knitting but wanted a knitting bag and consumed a lot of cheese-based meals)

Penelope worked on her modeling career (and finally splashed around in the tide pools and jumped the waves and collected shells and took naps which made for some afternoon quiet time for everyone and turned five with birthday wishes on the Seadogs' scoreboard)

Stephen sounded the horn announcing our casting off in the Schooner Eastwind (and boogie boarded and played a wide variety of ball games and read so many books I can't keep track and played games with his sisters despite being a mature ten and bemoaned his bad luck at UNO)

Sunset at Reid

All in all it was pretty spectacular. Back to knitting and designing next week when the kids will still have two more weeks until school begins. Cross your needles for me :)

08 August 2013

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