18 December 2014

Interview on Denise's Needleworks

And now my interview with the lovely Denise is up on her blog here! Had such fun answering her questions.

Thanks for stopping by, and happy knitting!
xoxo, Kathleen

15 December 2014

The Wonders of Violently Domestic

Are you a sock knitter? Then you probably already know the talented Hunter of Violently Domestic and Pantsville Press. I had certainly heard of Hunter and seen her Cabinet of Curiosity books, but because I am (embarassingly) not a sock knitter, I didn't really know too much about her. Thanks to the 2014 Indie Designer Gift-A-Long, I got a chance to check out Hunter's lovely work.

She has 159 designs on Ravelry! one. hundred. fifty-nine. And not just socks, but shawls, hats, cowls, and fingerless gloves, too. There is even a fun, free pattern for your very own whack of tentacles!

Gripping from Violently Domestic
Hunter published her first book, Silk Road Socks, with Cooperative Press back in 2011. Fourteen lovely sock patterns inspired by Oriental rugs. I remember hearing about that book, but it was the first of The Knitter's Curiosity Cabinet books that really caught my attention:

The Knitter's Curiosity Cabinet by Hunter Hammersen

Patterns inspired by vintage botanical illustrations?! What a lovely concept (and as an art director, I'm always excited to see work inspired by print publications) to inspire 20 sock and accessory patterns. The cover socks, Chrysanthemum frutescens socks, are my favorite. The photography (and photo direction) is also lovely, and impressive. I mean, how many ways are there to photograph socks (or other small accessories), really? Yet, each one is unique, showing off the details and the yarn.

Of curiosity cabinets in general, Hunter says:

Curiosity cabinets were collections of treasures—fossils and feathers, 
plants and paintings, skeletons and statues—assembled to help their 
owners make sense of the world. Offered here is a knitter’s interpretation 
of a curiosity cabinet. This is a collection, not of rocks and seeds and 
gemstones, but of fancy edgings, delicate lace, and captivating stitches 
all brought together to create charming sock and accessory patterns. 

Doesn't that sound wonderful? Who doesn't love a collection of treasures from the natural world? Hunter followed that up with two more volumes (because it's amazing how many treasures there are to be found once you start exploring):

The Knitter's Curiosity Cabinet, Volume II by Hunter Hammersen

Volume II focused on butterflies. Socks, hats, cuffs, cowls, and a lovely shawl.

The Knitter's Curiosity Cabinet, Volume III by Hunter Hammersen
And Volume III (after my own heart) found fodder in the sea. Again, accessories covering all major appendages, my favorite is a jellyfish-inspired chapeau.

Hunter has also published patterns with Knitty, the Rockin' Sock Club, Sockupied, and other highly-regarded publications. But it's her own books that she publishes through her independent Pantsville Press that grabbed my attention. Not only is she prolific, but the production values she brings to her patterns, books, and website are great. In browsing Violently Domestic, I came across a few posts that share some of the book writing/publishing process that you might enjoy: How to Write a Book and How to Organize a Book. But don't stop there! Hunter's blog is full of socks and yarn and cats and all sorts of adventures worth exploring.

What may be most impressive about Hunter and her knitting is her inauspicious beginning as told on her blog way back in ... wait for it ... 2009 (and that post was two years after she first learned to knit!) - what a great story! You've come a long way, lady :)

So, be sure to check out Hunter's blog and book sites, if you haven't already. And don't forget all the other talented designers who are part of the Indie Designer Gift-A-Long this year.

Thanks for stopping by, and happy knitting!
xoxo, Kathleen

16 November 2014

Livestream recording. A digital age oxymoron.

Final prep for my talk

Talking as captured by Penelope

You can hear my talk in the livestream recording here: 

I'm on from about the 8:30 mark to 15:30. The easiest thing to do is to hold down the fast forward button and advance to my talk (at least that was easiest for me - when I tried to drag the progress bar to the right spot it jumped all over). But don't just click the fast forward thing, as it will just skip to the end that way. Ah, technology. 

They have to slice the livestream recording into all the different presentations before it goes up on YouTube, but I'll be sure to send out that link when I get it. 

It was a great day. All the speakers were so interesting, and I was particularly impressed with how well the students spoke. And the workshop was fun. It's always neat to see what other people come up with. 

Penelope got to spend a little time at AJ Jacobs's workshop on the Global Family Reunion and learned that we are related to Ringo and Paul (she's a Beatles fan), as well as George Washington.  She wants there to be TED talks at school every day :)

This talk was also a good warmup for me for my designer talk in January at Knitty City. More on that as we get closer. 

Thanks for stopping by, and happy knitting!
xoxo, Kathleen 

15 November 2014

Livestream of TEDxYouth@TheSchool


You can catch the whole event today from 11-2. My talk will be some time before noon. And the talks will be archived on YouTube afterwards. 

The sweaters that are coming with me to the talk. They look very excited, don't they ;)

Thanks for stopping by, and happy knitting!
xoxo, Kathleen 

13 November 2014

Indie Design Gift-A-Long 2014!

It’s that time of year, folks! This year I’ve joined the Indie Design Gift-A-Long, since it sounded like such fun last year. I hope you’ll join me.
What is the Indie Design Gift-A-Long?
It’s prepping for the holidays as only fiber folks can, with special deals from tons of indie designers!
The Indie Design Gift-A-Long is a 2 month long KAL/CAL of holiday gifts made from patterns designed by 293 independent designers. From November 13 at 8pm US EST through - November 21, 2014 at 11:59pm US EST these 293 indie designers will be discounting between 4 - 20 of their patterns 25% for this event. There are eight KAL/CALs to participate in, prizes of all sorts given out, games, and generally a lot of fun! The Gift-A-Long KAL/CALs will run from November 13 at 8pm US EST through - December 31, 2014 at 11:59pm US EST
This year the Gift-A-Long is run on US EST so here is a link to a world clock time converter so you can all keep track of how that related to the time where you are: click here
Which Designers are participating?
We have a list of participating designers with photos here
We have a page just listing all the participating designers here.
Which patterns are discounted?
All the participating designers have posted in this thread including a link to the bundle of patterns they are discounting, and showing a photo so that you can get a sense of their style, if you aren’t already familiar with them. In addition, some of our industrious indie design elves have put together an amazing group of Pinterest boards that will allow you to browse through lots of designs at the same time. You can find all the links to the different boards here.
How do I get the discount?
It’s easy peasy! Just purchase the patterns you want directly from the designers’ Ravelry shops between 8 pm US EST on Thursday, November 13th and 11:59 pm on Friday, November 21st, and enter the coupon code giftalong2014 at checkout and 25% will be automatically taken off the total price.
And here are the patterns I’ve discounted for the Gift-A-Long:

11 November 2014


Very excited to share with you all that I will be speaking at TEDxYouth@TheSchool (be sure to check out the charming video at that link) this Saturday. This year's TEDxYouth theme is Worlds Imagined, so I will talk a bit about knitting and creativity, my design process and such. It's only a five minute talk, so hopefully I won't fall over :) The event will be live-streamed along with other TEDxYouth events all over the world, and I'll be sure to share the YouTube video when it's all said and done.

I'm off to rewrite my speech for the umpteenth time and pull together my slide show. Tomorrow I'll share another newly published design, so be sure to visit again soon.

Thanks for stopping by, and happy knitting!
xoxo, Kathleen

07 November 2014

New pattern: Strawberry-Picking Shrug

Hop on over to Jane Austen Knits for my next design.

Strawberry-Picking Shrug, Jane Austen Knits 2014

Perfect for Emma to wear on a visit to Donwell Abbey, the Strawberry-Picking Shrug is pretty enough for Emma, while warm enough to satisfy Mr. Woodhouse's fears of catching a chill. Knit in Malabrigo's Lace yarn in the Cactus Flower colorway, this project is a manageable introduction to lace knitting on both sides of the work. 

Strawberry-Picking Shrug, Jane Austen Knits 2014

Since the shrug is worked as a rectangle, you won't have to fuss with shaping within this pattern, which will give you the freedom to concentrate on the two-sided lace. Can you see the delicate single strands radiating out from each strawberry? That's thanks to the decreases and yarnovers being worked on both sides. When you create lace with a stockinette stitch base, you usually purl back or knit alternate rounds, which creates two-strand lines in your lace. While that kind of lace is lovely (and the kind I usually play around with because, let's be honest, who doesn't love a soothing purl-back row or alternate round of knit stitches?), there is a delicacy to lace worked on both sides.

Two tiny seams and a few ends to weave in are all you'll have to do to finish this project. If you're ready to take your knitting skills to the next level, this pretty little shrug should be your next project.

Order your own copy of Jane Austen Knits 2014. Or grab one at your LYS - Small Business Saturday is coming up on November 29th!

Thanks for stopping by, and happy knitting!
xoxo, Kathleen

06 November 2014

Pattern: Ozark Wrap

So, I haven't been particularly busy, knitting-wise of late, but my Springtime busy-ness has finally borne fruit! First up:

Ozark Wrap, Interweave Knits, Winter 2015
The cozy, bulky Ozark Wrap is knit in sheepy Takhi Yarns Montana (a minimally processed, roving-style yarn available in natural sheep colors), shown here in the #001 Natural colorway. This one begins with a stretch of i-cord and ends with an i-cord bindoff. In between you work a textural knit-purl chevron pattern (reversible!) and some i-cord cleverness for a beautifully edged piece. The only finishing you'll have to do is weave in some ends. This one is a perfect winter project, as it can almost double as a blankie, while you're working on it. If we're in for another polar vortex this Winter, you'll be psyched to wrap yourself up in all this sheepy goodness.

Check out Ozark Wrap's pattern page on Ravelry.
Order your own copy of Interweave Knits, Winter 2015. Or better yet: visit your LYS to pick up your own copy. Small Business Saturday is coming up on November 29th - be sure to support your favorite!

Ozark Wrap, Interweave Knits, Winter 2015
Thanks for stopping by, and happy knitting!

23 September 2014

Sad news

This is strange to write, but it is part of my life and so are you, dear reader.

My ex-husband passed away unexpectedly ten days ago. I am sad that he is gone yet relieved that I don't have to worry about him now. We are all coping as best we can. There will be a memorial service down the line.

I'm not sure how much I will be on the blog for a while, but I will keep knitting (and designing - I can't help it), and there are some upcoming publication designs, as well as things I need to convert from samples and notes and charts to patterns for you.

Sorry for the weird post, but thanks for stopping by. Happy knitting!
xoxo, Kathleen

11 September 2014

New pattern: Thistle Leaf Shawl

I've got a new one for you! Thistle Leaf Shawl is now available on Ravelry for your knitting pleasure.

Thistle Leaf Shawl by Kathleen Dames

One skein of fingering weight yarn (approx. 400yds) - I used Julie Asselin's lovely Milis in the Confiture colorway - will give you this lovely small shawl with a deep Thistle Leaf edging. Worked in one piece from the neck down with a simple bindoff that highlights the scallop-y beauty of the thistle leaves. As you can see, I often wear mine "bandit style" around my neck to keep me warm and bring a pop of color to whatever I'm wearing.

The pattern is in my new layout. What do you think? The cover has the lovely photos, the second page has all the information you'll need to get ready (specs, notes, abbreviations), and the pattern itself (charted and written) is on the third page. So, if you want to save ink/paper, page three is the one to print.

And, since I have my patterns printed for distribution (ask your LYS to contact me), there is a fourth page with a catalog of my other designs. You don't need to print that one, either, but you might find another pattern you like :)

Now that my summer travels have come to an end (sob), I'm over the flu thing that had me in bed with a fever for two days (can't remember the last time I was that sick), and the kids are back in school (finally), I plan to write up a bunch of patterns for you. Stay tuned :)

Thanks for stopping by, and happy knitting!
xoxo, Kathleen

30 July 2014

New pattern: Honest Woodsman Pullover

Exciting news! Pattern number two (of six) from my crazy spring of knitting has been released! Honest Woodsman is one of 27 knitting patterns in Interweave's newest specialty publication Enchanted Knits. You can find the Ravelry pattern page (size info, etc.) here: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/honest-woodsman-pullover

Have you got a man on your hands who needs a new pullover (the holidays are closer than you think, especially if you're thinking of knitting a man's sweater by then!)? The soon-to-be-released Enchanted Knits contains my latest design: Honest Woodsman Pullover. 

Worked from the bottom up in the round, this pullover is finished off with a shirt-yoke pullover a la EZ while the body is covered with the easy to work (and remember) Woodgrain cable stitch. A rolled neck and turned hems finish things off. 

The shirt yoke is worked with short rows joining front to back body and closed up with a bit of Kitchener stitch at the side of the neck. 

My sample was worked in Madeline Tosh Vintage (7, 8, 8, 10, 11, 13 skeins) in Bark, and I think the handdyed yarn makes this sweater a knockout. Little flimmers of different tones add  depth to the cable stitch, as well as making the stockinette portions a little bit special. 

Enchanted Knits should appear in your LYS any day now and is available for immediate download from Interweave here: http://www.interweavestore.com/enchanted-knits-group

For those of you only interested in Honest Woodsman, Interweave's policy is to make the pattern available for individual download once the print edition has sold out. My downloadable version will be available from Ravelry/Craftsy/Etsy one year after the magazine publication date. And for those of you kind enough to be concerned, I do receive a royalty for those Interweave downloads :)

Hope you like this one. I'm looking forward to wearing it this winter in unisex slouchy style :)

Thanks for stopping by, and happy knitting!
xoxo, Kathleen 

24 July 2014

JAK collection from Interweave

Interweave has put together a collection of the three Jane Austen Knits issues on CD or as an instant download. For $29.99 you get 95 patterns including five of mine: An Aran for Anne, An Aran for Frederick, A Vest for Charles, Benwick, and Sotherton. There are also entertaining and informative articles to enjoy. 
An Aran for Anne 

I'm posting from my phone so links can't be formatted. Here is where you can get your JAK collection:

Thanks for stopping by, and happy knitting!
xoxo, Kathleen 

15 July 2014

Trip Report: Berlin, part 2

Views of urban living

Moon rising over the courtyard (loved the windows in the apartment: if you turned the handle horizontally, the window would tilt in with a 6" opening at the top, and if you turned the handle up vertically, the whole window would open on the left and swing into the apartment. No screens, lots of fresh air, and surprisingly few bugs. In our NYC apartment, the windows are bumpered to only open about 12" and that opening is covered with a guard - guess we can't trust anyone not to fall out of a window in this country!

One wall of the courtyard is covered with this creeping, blooming vine. The green wall is delightful!

View into the courtyard from the street entrance. Everyone has a bicycle. Wish this blog had smell-o-vision so you could enjoy the lovely whiff of lilies every time you walk through. Sometimes the lily is too overwhelming inside, but it was just right out in the garden. 

Heading out of the courtyard for the final chemo

Venturing out on my own. Virtually everything is recycled, and the bins behind me were for compost, trash, and all the different recyclables. You can see my sister's bicycle in the left, though I somehow missed capturing her sparkly silver streamers and bell. 

 These "stumble upon" bricks are scattered amongst the cobblestones between the main sidewalks and building all over Berlin in memory of individuals who were taken by the nazis. A small yet strong reminder

Such a wide variety of architectural styles everywhere. Some colorful, some plain, some old, some new. 

Trip Report: Berlin, part 1

Last week I went to Berlin to spend some time with my sister. She was diagnosed with breast cancer this winter and was having her last chemo treatment in Monday. I was so happy I could be with her. Her strength and good spirits through her treatment to date have been amazing. 

If you follow me on social media (links in the sidebar), you may have seen these, but I thought I'd share them here in the blog, too, and relive my German adventure. 

Yarn for travel projects (clockwise from top left): a sweater's worth of  Pashmina in Bloomsbury to be reknit after the cardigan I made didn't work gauge-wise; Silk Lace in Manor for a square lace shawl design; Prairie in Esoteric for a light cardigan design; and Tosh Sock in Ms. Taylor for a lace front pullover that also had a gauge problem. Guess this was a Tosh Trip!

A World Cup quarter final game took place while I was waiting for my flight at JFK. Every place with a tv screen was mobbed. This was the international terminal, after all. 

One of the artistic apples on display in the terminal "In Honor of Helsinki". 

After dropping off my bags, we strolled through the local weekend flea market. Not surprisingly I was drawn to this wee knit lace doily. 

The big excitement was realizing that there was a yarn store across the street from mysisters's apartment

Needles & Pins is a little subterranean shop with a small but nice selection of wool and needles and a nice English-speaking proprietress. Thank goodness most Germans speak some English, so I could manage when I went out without my sister. 

To help with my jet lag (and really just to enjoy the lovely weather), we walked in the park, admired the tumbling stream, and quaffed a stein of beer in the Biergarten 

It was definitely a lovely time of year to visit. Almost everywhere you looked, something was growing and blooming. 

04 July 2014

Happy July! 20% off all accessory patterns

To celebrate July and summer and all things hot in the Northern Hemisphere, you get 20% off all accessory patterns in my Ravelry store - no coupon necessary!

While I may have a pile of wool in my lap, you should definitely choose something smaller :)

Maybe get a head start on holiday gifts? My JOY garland is a great stash buster, as are the Matryoshkas, and I bet there is someone who could use a lovingly handknit tie - Dennis, anyone?

I'm off to Germany on Saturday to visit my dear sister, so there will be a shawl in my future. They really are the perfect travel knitting: one skein laceweight or fingering yarn + one needle (maybe a set of DPNs) + one pattern = one souvenir FO. Hap-py was a vacation knit that has enough going on to keep your interest, but not so much that you need to lock yourself away.

To be the first to hear about such sales, join my newsletter mailing list here. I promise never to sell your information (ew) or pester you too often (it's been once every couple of months, but things are picking up, and I plan to share something with you once or twice a month).

Thanks for stopping by, and happy knitting!
xoxo, Kathleen

03 July 2014

A Vest for Charles + Benwick now available from Interweave as individual downloads

A Vest for Charles and Benwick are now available from Interweave as individual downloads, and it looks like they are on sale at the moment.

A Vest for Charles - download from Interweave

Benwick - download from Interweave

For those of you who are kind enough to worry, please know that I do receive a royalty on all patterns sold by Interweave. However, I will sell my own versions of these patterns once the exclusivity term is up, which will be late Fall 2014, at which point I will make them available on Craftsy, Etsy, and, of course, Ravelry.

20 June 2014

Bloc Party: note on handspun

Just a quick note to give you some more information on approximately how much handspun you will need for the yoke of Bloc Party, since the original pattern information provided skein quantities (and everyone's handspun skein is different):

Approximate CC quantities: 208, 252, 300, 352, 408, 468, 532yds fingering weight yarn or 2.3, 2.8, 3.4, 3.9, 4.6, 5.3, 5.9oz. fiber

Those are, of course, calculated amounts based upon my gauge using Wooly Wonka's lovely handspun, so YMMV.

And in case I forgot to mention it in my last post, in addition to roving + yarn kits (see link above), Anne is also offering all yarn kits for those of us who are not yet spinners. (If I didn't already have two of these cardigans, I would be sorely tempted to pair two more of Anne's amazing colorways and knit another!)

I'll leave you with a shot from the first photo shoot - I was obsessed with doing a jump shot and nearly re-broke my big toe bouncing up and down in those shoes :)

The crazy awesome glitter platform heels!

Thanks for stopping by, and happy knitting!
xoxo, Kathleen

11 June 2014

Pattern: Bloc Party cardigan, Knitty, First Fall 2014

Today is a frabjuous day, calloo callay: I have a new pattern to share with you in the First Fall 2014 issue of Knitty (or, more accurately, KnittySpin)! Bloc Party cardigan is a fingering-weight button-up with a sideways yoke knit in the most divine handspun (courtesy of my talented friend Anne of Wooly Wonka).

There's some clever short-row action in the yoke to shape it up over the shoulders, but don't worry if you've never done short rows: in this garter stitch yoke you don't even have to wrap the stitches! The body is knit simply (no shaping, but you could add your own; however, the Wooly Wonka Artio Sock with its gleaming silk content drapes so beautifully that you don't really need it), and the sleeves, as written, are 3/4 to add a little femininity (again, you could make the sleeves longer - up to you).

So, you start with the sleeves and body at the lower hems and knit your way up to join them. There's an integrated button band.

Then the yoke is worked sideways, nipping off a body stitch every other row. Your finishing work consists of sleeve seams (if I'm working a cardigan flat, I work the sleeves flat, too, to make sure my gauge is consistent), weaving underarm stitches, and putting on some fabulous buttons.

Can you believe those buttons?! They are a perfect, sparkly, purple match for this sweater. I found them on one of my button hunts early this spring at M&J Trimming. The purple sparklers don't seem to be available online, but lots of other options are (and check out my vintage and handmade button treasuries on Etsy. If you want to go on a button hunt with me sometime, let me know. I'd be happy to put together a little tour of my favorites (check in later this week for my newest discovery).

And then you'll be ready to party!

Anne has created kits if you want to spin and knit your own. She's even been kind enough to offer a kit with commercially spun yarn for the yoke, if you're not a handspinner (and aren't lucky enough to convince your bud to spin some for you :)

I showed a version of Bloc Party to Anne back when it was in commercial yarn (Jaggerspun Maine Line in Pewter and Madeline Tosh Sock in the Rhubarb colorway, which was the impetus for this design - how could I best show off this beautiful and highly variegated yarn?!). As a talented dyer and spinner, her mind immediately jumped to how great this design would work with handspun. I'd submitted it to Knitty in it's colorful iteration, but Amy thought it might have more appeal in a more moderate version. So, Anne, Amy, KnittySpin editor extraordinaire Jillian, and I put our heads together and came up with this. I love my original, but there is something so special about this version with it's beautiful color and luscious silk - party shoes are definitely required!

08 May 2014

Spring has sprung

Monday was such a beautiful day that I took my walk/trot/run/wheeze up to 125th then down along the river and back through Riverside Park. Apparently, the cool weather has kept the pollen down (for the moment), so I am trying to take advantage of the low pollen counts to get out and get this body moving. Thanks to all the knitting I do my hands are very strong, but the rest of me could use some work :)

Here are some pics that you may have seen on Monday of a few highlights along my route...

ready to run in my Team Wilson shirt

memorial to the 18th century amiable child along my running route

Clearwater sloop on the Hudson - one of the things that makes running along the river awesome

cherry blossom graffiti along the Cherry Walk

blooming tree along the Cherry Walk

violets in Riverside Park

stripes cut with a bit of sequined polka dots (putting away laundry happens after the run - there may be a Deckhand mixed in with the store-bought stripes!)

01 May 2014

Hap-py blanket

A dear friend recently lost her father quite suddenly. I pondered what to do for her until I remembered this bag of Louet Riverstone that had been sitting in my stash for quite a while. Why had I bought it? The color isn't me at all. Well, clearly I bought it for this friend. Now, what do to with it? 

I started to look at shawl and blanket patterns  when I realized that I could adapt my Hap-py shawl (phone blogging - you can find a link to the pattern on my patterns page) into a comfort blanket that would be perfect: some garter stitch simplicity + eyelet rows for excitement. I would increase until the first skein ran out (center square is worked diagonally), then use another skein to complete the center. After that I would keep track of how many lace repeats I got out of the next two skeins to get an idea of how far I could go with the last one. Funnily enough I did the same number of lace edging rows as the original shawl. 

Working on the center in the sunshine

Finished egg carton lace

Blocking glory

Ready for giving (I'm wearing it folded in half since I couldn't figure out how to take a selfie of me wrapped up in the blanket :)

The finished blanket took about 4.5 skeins (900 yds) of worsted wool, and I was able to start the lace edging with seven repeats on each side. It was such a pleasurable knit that I may need to make one to keep (two colors, perhaps?). 

This was a fairly quick, cosy, comforting knit, and I hope it will provide some comfort for my friends loss. 

Now that I'm finished with this I'm hard at work pattern writing, grading, and reviewing tech edits with nary a stitch to knit. Hopefully I can clear all the work and number stuff off my plate and get clicking tomorrow...

What are you working on the moment?

Thanks for stopping by, and happy knitting!
xoxo, Kathleen 

17 April 2014

Button Hunt

Yesterday I went on a button hunt!

If you follow me on Instagram, Twitter (I post most Instagram pictures to Twitter, too, in case you're not interested in joining Instagram), or Facebook (all tweets get posted to FB, if that's more your social media speed), you already saw my adventures, but I thought I'd share some pictures (and a little video) of how the button hunt went. I had grand plans to visit both M&J Trimming and Mood Fabrics but ended up finding some beauties at M&J first. Don't worry, Mood, I'll always need more buttons and come visit you soon. (And there are even more little shops with buttons and other findings in the area that I had "in my pocket" just in case.)

Beautiful Springtime in New York


M&J Trimming's fabulous window display


Choices, choices!


A little something I picked up for myself at Kinokuniya NYC, which is up the street from M&J and across from Bryant Park. I've been to five of the Old Time places on the list, so I have a fair bit of work to do!

Since I was so button-obsessed yesterday, I also did some hunting on Etsy, creating two treasuries in the process: Handmade and Vintage. Though I have yet to shop with the vendors in the treasuries, many of them have thousands of sales and five-star reviews, and even the new vendors seem highly regarded by their customers. I may start designing sweaters just to go with some of those handmade buttons!!!

I hope Spring is treating you well (even if you got some snow like we did here in NYC) and that all your projects are clicking along. I'm working on magazine sample #3 (of 4, if you're keeping track) so am keeping very busy.

Thanks for stopping by, and happy knitting!
xoxo, Kathleen

10 April 2014

Pattern: Upon the Spanish Main

Whew! This one has been in the works for a long time. But a beautiful Spring day seems like the perfect time to release a lovely, lacy shawl, don't you think?

Upon the Spanish Main
Wrap yourself in a luscious shawl dripping with Spanish Lace before heading out onto the deck of your galleon.  A little stockinette over your shoulders, and then the written and charted Spanish Lace flows down your back. This worked-on-both-sides lace is so spectacular, it doesn’t need a separate edging, though it will require your concentration. You will have pride of place on the treasure fleet in this extra-wide triangle shawl!

Knit with one skein of Jill Draper Makes Stuff Splendor sock yarn (or any luscious fingering weight yarn). Two-sided lace pattern provided in both charted and written formats.

Size/Finished Measurements
Width: 64 inches Depth: 19 inches

Jill Draper Makes Stuff Splendor Sock Yarn [80% Merino, 10% Nylon, 10% Cashmere; 435 yards/398 meters per 100 gram skein]; color: Glacier; 1 skein
US6/4.0mm 29-inch circular needle
Stitch markers
Tapestry needle

20 stitches x 30 rows = 4 inches in Stockinette Stitch

Skills Needed
Casting on
Binding off
Reading charts(written instructions also provided)