19 January 2007


When three people from different parts of your life mention something within 24 hours, it can feel kind of spooky. Have you seen the Subway Knitter's CharlieCard Mittens? My colleague mentioned them yesterday (hi, Marissa!). My dollface, ex-pat, London-living girlfriend sent me this link this morning (hi, Suz!). And my dear LYS co-owner sent me the link to Colleen's blog just now (hi, Jill, and Carolyn, who sent it to Jill!). Whew! If only I took public transport to work. But I'm an evil driver these days, since it would take twice as long to commute if I rode the T (and be more expensive due to the recent fare hikes).

Anyway, I'd checked out Colleen's blog some time back, as she's a New England Knits gal, and I'd thought about joining that ring (I may yet do it).

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