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19 October 2015


Wow! What a fantastic weekend! I am wiped, so you get lots of pretty pictures. There are some Periscope broadcasts over on Katch, and I think I'm going to upload all of them to my YouTube channel once I look/listen to them to see if they are worth preserving (I have no idea - I was so excited to be there that I'm not sure the video or sound was at all useful).

Coherent words to follow when I am more coherent. Suffice it to say, a good time was had by all.

If we met this weekend, "hi!". If we missed each other, :( I saw many other lovely fiber folks but was too busy enjoying myself to take the proper pictures.

I'm off to do laundry and get myself organized, even though all I want to do is knit all the things (starting with some long arm warmers - it was cold!). Hope you had a lovely weekend, too :)

Thanks for stopping by, and happy knitting!
Tone Poem Photo: reflected foliage and blurry coffee mug

So excited to be here at Building B!

Annie and I fussing over our handknits by a favorite tree
Cider donut stand in the background

Modeling - smize and show your footwear!

With Annie and her girls

I heart wool

I think this ram was flirting with me

So fun to meet Gaye of GGMadeIt in person (and all the other knitters/periscopers/bloggers/podcasters/wool lovers)!

View of the posing tree from the other side with delicious lamb barley soup

How cool is this jacket? She made all the flowers then sewed them together.
Her beau (not pictured) had one flower pinned on his jacket as a boutoniere.

Captain meetup: Liz Gipson (weaver extraordinaire known as Yarnworker), Lisa Check of Flying Goat Farm (that's her booth of rainbow-organized gorgeousness), Lisa Barnes (LMB Designs). Thanks, Tara, for bringing us together!

OMG! That's my Sotherton as a sample in the Spirit Trail Fiberworks booth
My talented test knitter, Jennifer, told me she'd spotted it.

Frost on the windshield - glad I packed mittens and a hat!

Saturday night's frost caused all the trees to start dropping their leaves like mad -
some parts of the smaller roads had thick carpets of leaves on them

Another Captain meetup in Lisa's booth, this time with Ariel Altaras

I'm sure this lady thought I was crazy going on about her Bohus hat
but she was kind enough to let me photograph it

Tough decisions in the Fiber Optic booth. I went with Vitamin C over Au Naturale,
since I found myself going crazy for yellow sweaters at the Fair this year

See those white things on my cape and hat? Snow. It was cold enough to wear my
Caught in the Rigging (again) over Sailor's Valentine, which is a crazy-warm sweater.

Meeting a pet bird. Like you do. This little one had fallen out of its nest and been rescued
by this lovely woman. She cuddled it and kept it the rest of the time in a cozy pouch. So sweet.

So lovely to meet yet another Captain, Corinna Ferguson of PicnicKnits,
and check out her wonderful all-season book, Warm Days, Cool Knits

This. I have to work up the right idea for Catskill Merino's Pure Indigo yarns - there were three different "strengths".
I was a little fried by this point so will have to visit them at the Union Square Farmer's Market some time.

14 October 2015

Rhinebeck? Rhinebeck. Rhinebeck!

It's that time of year - the last big fiber festival is this weekend up in Duchess County, New York! New York Sheep & Wool Festival is an annual get-together of fiber folks from the farmers who tend the lovely creatures giving us wool, alpaca, cashmere, mohair, etc. to the dyers and spinners who turn fiber into yarn to all of us fiber lovers, whether we "just" knit or crochet or weave or are designers and "industry" folk.

I wasn't able to go last year (due to some not-fun stuff) so am extra excited to get up there this year for cider donuts, turning leaves, staring at sheep, and trying to decide which yarn HAS to come home with me (um, all of it).

My plan is to drive up Saturday morning and do the Ravelry meetup at noon. I'll be at that meetup on Sunday, too, because it's so much fun to see all the knitters. The rest of the time I plan to visit the sheep, fondle the yarn, hang with my dear friend/former roomie, and hug all the people I don't see often enough. I'm also going to talk with a small group of knitters my friend is bringing up on Sunday morning.

If you will be there, I'd love to see you! I will try to do a Periscope broadcast or two, if Verizon puts out a decent signal. Otherwise, I'll take some videos and post them on YouTube.

Now to just decide what to wear to what someone on the Rhinebeck Ravelry forum called "Yarn Prom"! Here's what I'm thinking...

Saturday: Benwick

Hoping I will have finished my Benwick cardigan (working on the shoulder shaping now) to wear on Saturday. It should be cool and sunny according to my weather app, so a fitted, worsted-weight sweater seems like it will work. And once the sample is knitted up, I'll be able to publish my version of the pattern for you!

Hoping the me-sized Benwick will be ready for Saturday
This is the original from Jane Austen Knits 2013

Sunday: Caught in the Rigging

It's supposed to be chilly on Sunday, so something like Wavelette with Caught in the Rigging on top. "Layers" is always a good game plan for things like this. Plus, it will be fun to take Caught in the Rigging back to where she originated (I bought the yarn from Miss Babs in 2013). Wavelette is a fingering-weight pullover, which seems like it will give me the right amount of wool with some ventilation from the lace. Thistle Leaf Pullover is my other thought, though its shorter sleeves might leave me chilly, or maybe Bloc Pulli with those orange cuffs peeking out.

I'm thinking Caught in the Rigging cape for Sunday (high of 48F!)
I'll probably bring my red boots, too, since there's a chance of rain :)

Will I see you this weekend? Let me know in the comments or just say "hi!" on the Fairgrounds. I can hardly wait!!!

Thanks for stopping by, and happy knitting!

29 September 2015

Is it a cape?

Someone over on a Ravelry forum asked what made my Caught in the Rigging cape a cape rather than a poncho (and thinking about what makes a poncho led me on to wonder about serapes). To be honest, I just thought it seemed more like a cape. Didn't really give it a ton of thought at the time. But the question got me wondering...

Well, that's not hugely helpful, is it? And I'm not sure I needed to know the verb definition of cape.

Construction-wise, I think of a cape as not-a-poncho, and a poncho as something with corners. The first large-scale project I ever knit was a poncho from Melanie Falick's Weekend Knitting, which was a big rectangle that you poncho-ized by sewing one short end to the bottom of one of the long sides. It ends up with only one pointy bit (corner), but it definitely qualifies. I've seen other ponchos where you sew two rectangles together leaving a slit in the middle for your head. Or you could even knit a square with a hole in the middle.

All these poncho ideas seem to me to have come out of the serape when someone got tired of wrapping the rectangle of fabric around themselves and just sewed it mostly shut.

For me a cape is something that fits more closely to the body. Caught in the Rigging came out of a simpler idea (still on the design to-do list) which I dubbed "Morningside Cape":

Yeah, Elsa's rockin' a little cape/swatch/prototype
The thing about both of these capes is that they are shaped in the yoke to sit better on the shoulders and fit the body more closely. Some days I might want a drapey, flowing thing to wear, but generally I prefer something with a closer fit.

Looking at the definition for cape again, I want to design some tippets and capelets next :)

What do you think? Is Caught in the Rigging a cape or a poncho? Let me know in the comments or come over to the Ravelry group. We can discuss it in this thread.

Thanks for stopping by, and happy knitting!