15 July 2014

Trip Report: Berlin, part 2

Views of urban living

Moon rising over the courtyard (loved the windows in the apartment: if you turned the handle horizontally, the window would tilt in with a 6" opening at the top, and if you turned the handle up vertically, the whole window would open on the left and swing into the apartment. No screens, lots of fresh air, and surprisingly few bugs. In our NYC apartment, the windows are bumpered to only open about 12" and that opening is covered with a guard - guess we can't trust anyone not to fall out of a window in this country!

One wall of the courtyard is covered with this creeping, blooming vine. The green wall is delightful!

View into the courtyard from the street entrance. Everyone has a bicycle. Wish this blog had smell-o-vision so you could enjoy the lovely whiff of lilies every time you walk through. Sometimes the lily is too overwhelming inside, but it was just right out in the garden. 

Heading out of the courtyard for the final chemo

Venturing out on my own. Virtually everything is recycled, and the bins behind me were for compost, trash, and all the different recyclables. You can see my sister's bicycle in the left, though I somehow missed capturing her sparkly silver streamers and bell. 

 These "stumble upon" bricks are scattered amongst the cobblestones between the main sidewalks and building all over Berlin in memory of individuals who were taken by the nazis. A small yet strong reminder

Such a wide variety of architectural styles everywhere. Some colorful, some plain, some old, some new. 

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