20 March 2014

March Newsletter (sign up - it has a great coupon!)

Have you signed up for my newsletter yet? I only send it out once a month and often include a coupon. This month it's a biggie: Buy One Get One FREE on all my Ravelry store patterns. Sign up today, and you'll get the latest newsletter with this great coupon. I'm "celebrating" my kids' two-week Spring Break stay-cation, but you get the prize :)

Thinking about cranking out one more cozy sweater before Spring arrives? An Aran for Frederick is full of cable-y goodness and exciting yoke shaping techniques. Or Sailor's Valentine - same-but-different cables and yoke PLUS the fun of the turned-heel hood. So. Much. FUN. I want to go design another one (just as soon as I finish, um, four other projects)!

An Aran for Frederick
Sailor's Valentine
If you're ready for Spring, perhaps Mermaid's Cardigan with it's lace sleeves and i-cord edges. Or Wavelette in fingering weight yarn with a lacey front - I wear mine all the time! With a long-sleeve tee in the winter and over a camisole in the warmer months.

Mermaid's Cardigan
Maybe you're heading out for Spring Break soon. Shawls make the best travel knitting! 1 skein of lace or fingering weight yarn + 1 needle = projects that will keep you busy while you wait (or relax) and don't take up all the room in your carry-on (that's for souvenir yarn, dontcha know). Hap-py (it may have started out with Grandma's dishcloth, but it sure didn't end up like that!), Castaway (dropping those stitches is so much fun!), and In the Shallows (start with your prettiest tonal sock yarn and end up with your new favorite shawlette!) are some of my favorites. They are interesting knits without being too complicated. And I love how the memories of a trip get bound up in the finished item.

In the Shallows
So, the choice is yours! Be sure to sign up for the newsletter and take your pick from my 25 patterns before the month is up.

Thanks for stopping by, and happy knitting!
xoxo, Kathleen

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