26 November 2013

Today's Sweater: Mermaid's Cardigan

Some of you may think in just coming to selfies late, but really I want to share how much knits are a part of my life. I now have a decent-sized sweater wardrobe (and constantly have plans for more) and put it to use in my private life. 

Today's sweater is my Mermaid's Cardigan, which started out as a vague notion of putting lace sleeves together with a stockinette body. The raglan yoke style seemed the perfect way to meld the two, and the subtle I-cord edging tidied things up nicely (and gave a great starting point to the slight puffs on the sleeve cuffs). 

Tomorrow is a travel day, so we shall see if I am feeling handknit or like I should wear something that can just be thrown in the wash when we arrive (something about air travel these days makes me want a two-liter bottle of water and a long shower when I reach my destination - I think it's taking off my shoes to go through security and, of course, the Petri dish of an airplane). I've got a simple stole to knit en route (very little thinking required) and a cardigan sample to work on while there. Looking forward to some Wooly Wonka yarn knitting time. 

Thanks for stopping by, and happy knitting!
xoxo, Kathleen 

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  1. So pretty, as are all of your knits!

    Good luck with your travels, and Happy Thanksgiving!


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