31 July 2013

Maine report, July 2013

Photo highlights from our first two weeks in Maine. 
Crossing the bridge from NH to Maine. 
My first lobster roll of the season from Gilmore's in Bath
First visit to the beach
Girls at the lobster dock
Beach grass at Reid
Rosa rugosa at Reid
Seadogs game
Flotsam at Popham
Lobster-shell injured thumb and a Selbuvotter in some Wisconsin yarn
Visiting the construction of the Virginia
Model of a pinnace
My unblocked Selbuvotter 
Sunset over the Kennebec 
Climbing the Pemaquid Point lighthouse
Sailors valentines in the Fishermen's museum
Nice design
Some rope work in the museum
Isobel the lobster at Shaw's
Penelope the clam
Visiting the boot at the store that never closes (LL Bean never closes)
Real alligator bag
Another perfect beach day
Wooden whale at the flea market

Guess that's a good selection of highlights from the first half of our time in Maine. Not much knitting has happened, since I started rereading a series of Dorothy Dunnett books (House of Niccolo -sooo good). Guess I'm taking a knitting vacation, too. But I have visited Halcyon Yarn as well as the wonderful Purl Diva. Perhaps there will be more knitting in the second half of our time in Maine

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