04 April 2013

You know you're a knitter when...

You see the word "Blackstone" and automatically supply "Tweed".

In this instance Blackstone is a company looking to hire an art director, but I don't let context stop my Knitter's brain :)

I heard from the folks at the Fiber Factor yesterday that I will hear from them Saturday night to find out if I will be one if the twelve contestants. Apparently, they will announce the list at the dinner at Vogue Knitting Live in Seattle and then send out an email. There were almost 100 entries.

Tomorrow looks to be the best day to make a new video. Penelope is home from school today (conferences), and I am wearing a design I submitted to Knitty but haven't heard back about yet, so you can't see it yet (I love it and can't wait to share it with you). But tomorrow I will wear a published pattern and chat, perhaps a little about the class I'm teaching this afternoon.

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  1. Fingers crossed that you'll hear good news soon!


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