01 November 2012

Ghosts giveaway winner

Drumroll please....

The winner is Michelle and her scary story of almost being run over. Congratulations! Michelle, send me an email at kathleendames at gmail dot com or PM me on Ravelry, where I am Purly.

My ghost story isn't scary: When my now-ex-husband and I were first together in 1998, we flew to the Midwest for a summer vacation with my family. On the way up to Wisconsin we detoured to visit my grandmother in Western Illinois. She lived alone; my grandfather had passed away in 1989. In her hospitality, she let us sleep in her bed, and she slept in the next room. That night, laying in bed, I sensed my grandfather's presence in the room. I don't know if he normally visited Grandma, or if he stopped by to check on me and the future father of his first great-grandchild. Whatever the reason, I definitely felt his presence and in a way that I'd never sensed in the nine years I had visited my grandmother after he passed away.

Thanks to everyone else for participating. This certainly is the right time of year for ghost stories.

It also, it turned out, was the right time of year for a hurricane. We live in Manhattan but up near Columbia University, so we were spared the disaster that is lower Manhattan, the Rockaways, Long and Staten Islands, and so much of New Jersey. We had frightening levels of wind and some rain - the wind was so strong that it pushed rain under our closed and locked East-facing bedroom window. This wasn't my first hurricane. In 1996 I got to "enjoy" two hurricanes, Bertha while I was in Boston (mostly rain there but an oddly tropical feel, even for July) and Edouard down on Cape Cod. The latter was the real deal with power outages and concern that boats from the harbor might end up in the back yard. We all put on bathing suits and windbreakers and went down to the beach to experience the wind, rain, and sand. The ocean was amazing, even in the relatively protected beach by Barnstable Harbor.

I hope you and yours are well and that Mother Nature was kind to you. We feel very fortunate. Tomorrow I'll tell you about the sweater I knit, most of it over the past three days (!).

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  1. Thanks for hosting the giveaway, Kathleen. I'm glad to hear your family wasn't affected too much by the hurricane. I live by the gulf so I can appreciate the difficulties of hurricane clean-up, etc. I think your story about wearing swimsuits and walking the beach during a storm counts as a scary story sans the ghosts.


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