17 October 2012


In case you haven't seen Teresa Gregorio's new pattern collection on the internets or Rav, Ms. CanaryKnits herself has created a really lovely collection of eleven patterns plus interesting and scholarly pieces on ghosts, titled Ghosts: historiographies, cultural manifestations, and the knits they've inspired. It is, of course, the perfect time of year for releasing such patterns and writing. My favorites include:
Athenodorus by Teresa Gregorio
Ribbon always gets me! This skirt "wanes" from bulky weight to fingering yarn, just as the Greeks believed the spirit waned in forgetting its identity. I've started to consider knitted skirts and am always happy to see thoughtful patterns for them. Teresa graded this pattern from XS to XXL.

Feathers by Teresa Gregorio
This pretty little scarf in angora (I'm thinking that Blue Sky Alpacas Suri Alpaca might work nicely, too) has an interesting construction, and Teresa looks adorable and ethereal :)

There are also colorwork mittens, twisted stitch socks, and a flower-trimmed hat worked up in luscious tosh Vintage in Tart:

Calavera Catrina by Teresa Gregorio
I'm very happy to be a part of Teresa's blog tour and really excited for her latest publication. If you would like a chance to win your very own copy, leave a comment on this post by Monday, 22 October,  telling me which pattern you like best or a ghost story. For an additional entry, join my Ravelry group :)

Tomorrow I'll tell one of my ghost stories, but now I have to go pick up the kids.


  1. Oh man I left this long comment with a "ghost" story, but lost it. Here's a quick one: after walking around a cemetery on a Sat. afternoon (looking for evidence of the ghost of an old woman we'd heard some people saw there in the daylight hours,) some friends and I were crossing a street where I saw a car in the distance but it seemed far away, so I didn't hurry across. After crossing I turned to look at the car and it was going by so slowly I could see the driver turn all the way to face me. I saw her face clearly. She was elderly with curly hair and I heard her clearly say, "I hope you like the life you're living." in a menacing way as she passed all slo-mo. Once she was past, my friends got to me and were saying I'd almost been hit, that the car was speeding by. Not really a ghost story, but... Lots of weird things happened when I was a teenager where I heard or saw things differently than everyone around me. Some are freakier, but also longer.

  2. I don't know any ghost stories but I love to hear them! I love a lot of her patterns, the Aberrant hat being one of my favorites that I would knit for my daughter. The Utukku also looks very interesting!

  3. I would love to knit Galoshans. Great giveaway!!

    I have had some odd unexplainable things happen to/around me.

    StaceyKnitsIt ravelry

  4. I love this collection of patterns, and the story behind them. I have been coveting it since the release. There are several patterns I wish to knit from the collection...simply beautiful work.
    There is a very long story behind it, but I saw my grandfather's ghost when I was 12 years old. They were times that I "needed support". He appeared to me, and I instantly felt reassured.
    Thank you for a fabulous giveaway, and for your fantastic designs. Your work is gorgeous! RavID - jaydawnrn

  5. P.S. I am a follower of your Ravelry group :)

  6. The designs are really nice in this collection. My favorite is Progression. Thanks for the opportunity.


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